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Crouch End Family Portrait Photographer N8

Posted in Family at 08:08 on 28/03/2016


I had the most wonderful time photographing Lucas recently at his home in Crouch End. Lucas' home is stunning, a beautiful house with wonderful light and incredible interior design. I'm so lucky to visit such incredible homes when photographing children and families. The kitchen area was fantastic for photographs with white cabinets bouncing light around and providing fabulous leading lines in interesting compositions.

Lucas was fantastic, really friendly and very keen to show me his wonderful arrays of cars, trucks and fire engines, all of which he raced around the floor with intense concentration. I loved photographing him.

As is often the way, particularly on shoots where it's raining outdoors, we worked our way around the house, keeping things interesting by finding different areas to play in and enjoying different games in different rooms. We had a lovely time taking family photographs in Lucas's bedroom - incorporating his wallpaper with the 'Crouch End Fox' into the images. Little details like this will bring back so many memories - think back to your childhood bedroom, what wallpaper did you have? And what other things can you remember? Details and days, things you did and games you played. All these little details transport us back to earlier times - it's the power of photography.

I love the pictures we took in the attic room and even in the guest bathroom, which had fabulous light. The directional illumination, combined with the compositional repetition of the stripes on Lucas's top and the detail of the radiator made for really interesting photographs, images that are completely unique.

Towards the end of the morning as the rain began to abate and we felt it was necessary to get some fresh air we decided to head out to nearby Priory Park. I love Priory Park, it's always our go-to destination when we have friends with kids staying and it's a great location. For such a small space it has a really great variety of backdrops for photographs.

We started off playing in the trees and then headed around to the playground. I love how waterproof kids are, completely oblivious to the weather, happy to play in rain or shine. Lucas had brought some cars with him and had a great time racing them down the slide and driving them along the climbing frames. He had a brilliant time on the swings and I took some of my favourite shots of the day as he swung higher and higher.

We finished with splash in the giant puddle - the empty paddling pool outside the cafe. While theoretically empty for winter it had still managed to amass a certain amount of water at the bottom, which was brilliant for running through and splashing. It was a wonderful way to finish the photo shoot and then with a tired, happy, and rather wet little boy we all headed home for a cup of tea. Perfect!






































Primrose Hill and Regents Park Family Portrait Photographer

Posted in Family at 08:12 on 26/03/2016


It’s always been such a pleasure photographing Laszlo on our annual photo shoots, a highpoint of my calendar for the last five years. We have always had such a brilliant time, exploring new areas and having adventures in North London while I take photographs. This year we went to Primrose Hill and Regents Park and it was a perfect spot for family photographs.

As always with our photo shoots we start the day on the bus – having no car in London means that Elke and Peter are masters of buses and we always whiz around from one place to another with military efficacy. I don’t have a car either so I love this use of public transport and it often results in some fun pictures as we find our way to whichever wonderful location has been chosen. In previous years we have been to Paddington Basin, Regents Park, even one of London’s fabulous museums when we were hit with torrential rain one year.

This year we had great weather and so the choice of location was perfect. Primrose Hill has one of the finest views in North London and I was thrilled when, as Laszlo ran along the top of the hill, the sun broke through the clouds creating crepuscular rays down over London. I was so pleased with the picture of Laszlo running with London in the background, if you look closely you can even see Primrose Hill engraved on the stone flagstones, forever anchoring this photograph to this place.

The main focus of this shoot though seemed to be playing a game of pirates, moving from tree to tree as we avoided sharks and sent each other to walk the plank. It was great fun and Lazslo thought it hilarious sending me into shark infested waters, lucky for me I’m a good swimmer (at least I am in our imaginary world!).

After exhausting that game and also our knowledge of sea shanties we moved to the playground where Lazslo had a great time running around and playing on the different climbing frames. Primrose Hill has a fabulous kids playground, perfect for family photographs.

From here our adventure moved on into wonderful Regents Park and walking part of the way home. We had such a good time and found some incredible wooden sculptures that I hadn’t seen before, the crouching bear was a particular favourite and looking at, and climbing on, these animals made for some wonderful portraits.

We finished with some family photographs and shots of Lazslo with his incredible parker hood over his head, images that make me laugh just to look at them. He has the most incredibly expressive face and one of the most infectious laughs around – the perfect subject for my lens and we had a perfect day.

If you would like to arrange a shoot in Primrose Hill or Regents Park then drop me a line on our contact form and we can get that booked in the diary for you.


































Family Photography in Newcastle - Just One - Ella

Posted in Family at 08:30 on 25/03/2016


I had a hard time picking a Just One for Ella - I have so many great pictures of this wonderful little girl. In the end I chose this one as I love the patterns and the busy exuberant feel to what is in essence a lovely simple portrait. It’s an image where pattern is important - spots of light, spots on clothing, bright eyes laughing out at us. All of these combine to make this a lovely portrait and one which I am thrilled to share today.

We spent a wonderful morning together out and about near Ella’s home in Newcastle, a new city for me and a wonderful place to visit for children and family photography. I always love exploring new places and each year I get to visit more interesting locations as my business becomes more national and international in flavour. Already this summer I have bookings for Dorset, Devon, Yorkshire and the Cotswolds so if you are interested in my services and are outside London then do get in touch and I can give you a quote.

But back to this picture and what led me to choose this image from the many that I am looking forward to sharing with Ella’s family (and I’ll definitely be sharing more from this fabulous session on the blog soon so do look out for them). Ella was full of energy for our family photo shoot and I feel that her bubbly personality is captured in this image. Everything is done at full tilt, rushing from one thing to another laughing all the way. I love how she’s got her coat hanging off as if she’s about to abandon it as she rushes off on her next adventure, boring things like warm clothes just holding her back from the exciting things in store.

I love the repeating motif of the polka dots - on Ella’s dress, her coat, even the buttons on the cardigan stand out as these little circles - dark on light, light on dark. In colour, this image would have been a mess of conflicting colours and patterns but in black and white the patterns work together to give a feeling of vibrance. I love how the fabrics are echoed in the polka dots of light shining through the trees behind. A shallow depth of field isolates Ella as the subject of the image but the foreground and background work in harmony to enhance this image. I love the contrast of the dark and light in the picture too, the tree on the left and the path stretching out to the side of the image giving us a feel of a magical adventure that Ella is about to embark on, it almost has a fairy tale feel to it.

Most of all though I love Ella’s expression. One of the things I work hardest at during my photo shoots is to get genuine expressions from the children that I photograph - not ‘cheese’ grins, but natural happy smiles, and serious expressions as well. Over the course of a morning we usually cover a myriad of different moods as we move from location to location and activity to activity and these all work together so well to create a beautiful document of children’s personalities. This is a real expression, and I love it. I hope you love it too, today’s just one from a recent family portrait session in Newcastle.

Newborn Photography in London Fields, Hackney E8

Posted in Just One at 10:36 on 24/03/2016


I absolutely love this picture from a newborn session in London Fields, East London this week. I always really look forward to newborn portrait photography sessions as they are such an incredible experience. It’s amazing being around all the intense feelings - the love and wonder - that new parents feel in those first few weeks. I feel it’s such a privilege to be able to record this time for the families who book my newborn portrait photography services.

I was really looking forward to this session as Mum and I had spoken on the phone and the family sounded so lovely, really laid back and fun and with a great sense of humour. I knew we would have a great time and we most certainly did.

We spent a lovely morning taking newborn portrait photographs both in the flat and on nearby London Fields, a park I hadn’t visited before and a great outdoor space in the centre of Hackney. It feels wonderful that spring is in the air now and daffodils are beginning to pop up everywhere and blossom is budding on the trees. London in the spring is wonderful and I love to incorporate the changing seasons into my photographs.

Today’s Just One, a real favourite from the session, was taken indoors. I love this picture and even as I took it I knew it would be a favourite from the day. Everything has come together so well. The incredible back-lighting from the french windows give this wonderful dramatic rim lighting but the light background and Dad’s shirt ensuring that the overall image still has a very light and airy feel. The light was perfect for a newborn photograph, it feels so full of sunshine and happiness.

I absolutely love the expressions, Baby E snoozing so happily in his daddy’s arms and Dad looking down at him with such pure and absolute love. It’s wonderful. But it’s Mum’s expression that pulls the picture together for me, that joy and happiness as she laughs up at her husband while maintaining that connection with her baby son, her chin softly touching his forehead while her hand gently strokes his tummy. It’s so tender, so loving and so full of laughter which seems to sum up this wonderful family so well - love and laughter, who could ask for more?

I do hope you like this picture, today’s Just One from my recent newborn photography session in London Fields, Hackney in East London.

Crouch End Headshot Photographer

Posted in Headshots at 08:00 on 23/03/2016

I have recently started offering headshot sessions in my home studio in Crouch End and today I’m thrilled to share some images from my session with Amanda.

Amanda was keen to have some portraits taken for her new website and just needed a quick session with a small selection of images. My new studio portraits were perfect for her. We spent a happy half hour taking photographs and I loved hearing about Amanda’s new venture. It’s always so interesting hearing about what my clients do for a living, there are so many interesting careers out there.

Headshot photographs can be so useful for websites, LinkedIn, PR and even for personal use on pages such as Facebook. It’s always lovely to have a really nice portrait and the also make perfect presents for parents. It’s a strange that we so often have pictures taken of ourselves when we are children but once we hit adulthood we forget – Amanda was keen to give one of her photographs to her dad for his 80th birthday, I’m sure he will be thrilled with the present.

From a half hour session I offer ten images on a web gallery for you to choose from and then your favourite image is provided as a retouched high-resolution file ready for printing and for use in all your promotional needs. It’s a great way to update your pictures quickly and on a budget. If this is of interest then do get in touch via my contact page, I’d love to hear from you.