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East London Baby Photography - Just One

Posted in Just One at 14:12 on 30/03/2017


Four months old is a delightful age for photographing babies and I was so pleased when Spacey booked me in to photograph her daughter at their East London home. At four months babies are smiling and interacting with those around them, they are able to hold their heads up and are beginning to settle into some kind of routine, it’s a wonderful age for beautiful portrait photographs. Spacey had originally been a client of my husband Tom, back in his wedding photographer days, and I was really looking forward to meeting her and her family.

We spent a fantastic morning together taking pictures. Baby Florence was an absolute joy to photograph, with the most delightful smile and such bright, inquisitive eyes. I always work around naptimes when photographing little ones and we utilized the moments of sleep to their utmost – walking out to the nearby park while Florence slept. I find that keeping to a baby’s routine is so important on a photo shoot as the little ones are always in a great mood when they are well rested and parents are relieved that their usual schedules are not disrupted.

Florence’s habit of catnapping was perfect from my point of view – we did some pictures at home, then out for a sleep and a walk, some pictures in the park, a short sleep on the way home and then a few more pictures indoors before a snooze beckoned. I could so easily live my life like that - I do love to nap.

It’s been so hard to choose a favourite for my just one as the shoot had so many different elements from Florence snuggled on her parents bed to being wrapped up warm in the park (it hardly feels like it was only a week ago we were wrapped in hats and scarfs) to back home playing with her toys. I love to capture a really wide variety of images in the course of my photo shoots and I really like pictures that show every day life, the toys the children enjoy, the walks to the park as well as the portrait photographs.

It’s a portrait photograph I have chosen today, I knew I would love this shot as soon as I clicked the shutter. I used the window to provide a really soft backlight and lay on the floor so I was shooting from Florence’s level. I love how the light creates this stunning soft modeling on her face, light and shadow sculpting her lovely features in this beautiful picture. I love Florence’s expression, so inquisitive and with a little smile as she looks up at her parents and the soft detail of the wisps of hair, everything together creates this beautiful portrait.

I’m so pleased with this picture and am looking forward to sharing some more images from this baby and family session in East London soon. If you would like to book your own session then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Family Photography Kensington - Just One

Posted in Just One at 11:26 on 29/03/2017


Some photo shoots will always be particularly important to me – clients who I have known a long time or with whom I have a special bond. This shoot was one of those; I was so over the moon when it was booked in the diary and, well, even writing this I’m almost bursting with happiness when I think of it.

I first met Sarah, Archie and Hannah back in 2004 when I had just started my photography business. We did a few different shoots back then and I got to know them well as they lived so close to my brother and sister-in-law and were great friends of the family. Then we lost touch, the years went by until Sarah got in touch in 2015 to arrange a photo shoot for her dear friend Trevor and his wonderful daughters, it was a brilliant shoot, we had a fantastic time.

So when Sarah asked if I could visit again, to celebrate with the family after her marriage to Trevor, to see the girls again after a year, to see Archie and Hannah again after thirteen years and to meet Hannah’s baby daughter, well, I was over the moon. It was the best news ever.

Family photography is about relationships, these connections between family members - seeing these two families come together to form one, so happy together was incredible. Photographing people who are so blissfully happy, particularly when they are so special to me, well, it’s an amazing thing and I am so lucky to have these opportunities to share some of these special moments with my clients.

It’s been hard to pick a Just One but I think Sarah will love this one – she loved some of the pictures I had taken of Trevor and the girls at the folly in Kensington Gardens on our last shoot and we thought it would be fun to develop the idea this time around. I love how it worked out.

I love how each element has such personality – cool teenagers on the right, super cool happy mummy Hannah on the left and uncle Archie with baby Amity having fun and, I bet, thinking about all the mischief they can get up to together as Amity grows. And then in the middle, Sarah and Trevor, with eyes only for each other and that look of blissful happiness on their faces.

I’m so happy for you all and so pleased that I could share this special day with you. Sarah and Trevor - huge congratulations on your marriage and I wish you and your wonderful family all the happiness in the world for your lives together xx.

Newborn and Family Photography in Bethnal Green

Posted in Newborn at 09:00 on 25/03/2017


I had the most incredible time photographing Rebecca and her lovely family in Bethnal Green in East London. Rebecca had found my website on Google and loved my natural style of pictures and the fact that the photographs were taken at her home or out and about at a park nearby. She thought that my style would perfectly reflect her fun loving family. I’m so glad that she did as I had a brilliant time with them taking newborn and family photographs.

I love photographing newborn babies, those early days are so special and it’s particularly fun when there are older siblings involved in the session. Watching, what will be one of the most important relationships in their lives, forming in those first few days is an incredible privilege and being able to give the children the gift of photographs that tell this story is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

I love the different little looks that you see, the love, the laughter, and sometimes the slight wariness as older children get to know their new sibling. In this case four year old Mia was besotted by her younger brother and so keen to snuggle up next to him to have her picture taken.

We started indoors and then, because it was an incredibly beautiful day, we headed outside to the nearby park for a few outdoor pictures and to give Mia a chance to run around. It’s lovely to have a bit of variety in a photo shoot and newborn family portrait sessions are no exception, doing a bit indoors and a bit outside is just perfect.

The light was stunning and a lovely group of trees made a perfect backdrop for some family photographs. Mia playing on the different aparatus meant she had a whale of a time and was then really happy to sit quietly and have a few portrait pictures with baby Milo. These are some of my favourite pictures from a newborn session ever, I love the tenderness with which she counts his tiny toes.

And then inside for a final few pictures, baby Milo having a little sleep and some really cosy snuggly sleepy shots.

It was a brilliant day and I’m so pleased with all the pictures. If this natural and relaxed approach to newborn photography appeals to you then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.































Author Headshot Photography London

Posted in Headshots at 08:04 on 22/03/2017


I am photographing an increasing number of author portrait publicity headshots here at my North London studio. Authors need portrait photographs for book jackets and publicity pieces, for use in magazines and online and so having a really good headshot photo is a must. These headshots will be so important in a world that is increasingly lived online – websites, social media, LinkedIn, they all require a great portrait.

I have set up my North London studio to provide a good selection of images within a short session – we spend around 45 minutes to an hour taking pictures, which makes the headshot portrait sessions quick and efficient.

Maigaelle was an absolute joy to photograph, a total natural in front of the camera and I had such a wonderful time hearing about her forthcoming novel, it sounds right up my street so I’m looking forward to getting that on pre-order as soon as it is announced. It will be a wonderful summer read and is due for release in June.

It’s definitely one of the things I love most about headshot portrait photography – chatting to my clients about their jobs. I have this amazing opportunity to learn about so many different industries and I love hearing how people have arrived at this point where they need a portrait. As an avid reader I find this to be particularly fascinating with authors, hearing about the creative process is incredibly interesting.

It’s always a pleasure taking headshots and the sessions are always really fun. If you think you might be interested in a session then do get in touch and we can have a chat about what you are looking for and put something in the diary.




Hampstead Baby and Family Photographer

Posted in Babies at 07:09 on 20/03/2017



I spent a wonderful day in Hampstead with Chris and his family taking photographs of the children and of everyone having a lovely time together. The portrait session was booked in as a surprise for Chris’s wife’s birthday and he had managed the whole thing brilliantly. I arrived bright and early at 8am for some family pictures at the house, and then, another surprise, both sets of grandparents joined us mid-morning for an extended family photo shoot. What an amazing birthday present!

We has the most brilliant time, both the children were so much fun to photograph and it was hilarious starting indoors for some pictures of the children rolling around on their parent’s bed. There was so much laughter. The children were both so happy to be playing together and I love how their personalities shine through. My favourite picture from this first part of the morning is the family photograph with Thekla leaping in the air - these are the pictures that really tell you about a child’s personality and that will make everyone smile as the years go by.

When the grandparents arrived Chris suggested a short walk to Hampstead Heath and I was delighted. Hampstead Heath is one of my favourite spots in London for family photographs, it’s so beautiful and because it’s so big it’s always possible to find a spot that is nice and quiet. We were lucky with perfect light and also with it being incredibly warm for the time of year, it made for such a fun photo shoot.

I made sure to take some family group shots at the beginning and then we let the children play. They had a brilliant time playing together, playing with their parents and with their grandparents as I took documentary style family portrait photographs. These pictures, particularly those with their grandparents are sure to be some that will be treasured by the children as they grow up, reminding them of all the fun they had together as a family.

It was a brilliant day and I’m so thrilled with the pictures. I do hope you like them too, this selection from our baby, children and family photography session in Hampstead in North London.