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Just One - Lottie

Posted in Just One at 13:00 on 30/04/2013

For today's children's and family photo shoot, I headed south to the London borough of Richmond and its majestic park.

I've been lucky enough to photograph Lottie three times now (on Wimbledon Common last year and also when Lottie was just under a year old) and she is always an absolute delight - such a jolly little thing, always smiling and laughing. I knew we would have a great time and I had been very much looking forward to our session.

We had such a wonderful morning, heading to the spectacular Richmond Park for our family photo shoot. I love Richmond Park as a location for kids photography - as a photographer, it has so much to offer with its beautiful light, great sweeping landscapes, and tons and tons of trees to play in, on and around. I do love trees.

The image I have chosen for today's 'Just One' preview image was an immediate favourite from the moment I clicked the shutter. It was taken during a game of hide and seek and I love the fact that Lottie is clearly so tiny behind such a wonderful tree - a tree that must have stood in that spot for hundreds of years, seeing so much pass by, and being a place to play for generations of children.

I do hope you enjoy this favorite preview photograph from our children's and family portrait photography session in Richmond, South West London TW10 and do check back in a few weeks time to see some more images from our fun-filled shoot.

children photography in richmond KT1 KT2 TW1

Just One - Gemma

Posted in Just One at 09:00 on 29/04/2013

Greenwich Park is one of my favourite places in the world - for sitting with friends on a sunny day, for running, and, of course, for capturing beautiful children's and family portrait photographs. It is the most beautiful park in London. I love everything about it from the spectacular trees in the flower garden to the bandstand (where I once played a steel band concert!), to the giant hill that is so great for sledging. Greenwich is a great park and a wonderful location for family portrait photography.

I was absolutely thrilled when Gemma suggested we visit Greenwich Park in London for our family photo shoot with her three stunningly beautiful children (make sure that you check back on the blog in a couple of weeks time to see some more pictures from this shoot, they are just gorgeous).

The day dawned with pouring rain but it wasn't long before Gemma said that as a family they tend to go out whatever the weather and as you know, I'm waterproof too, so we jumped in the car and headed to the park. By the time we arrived, the weather was drying up and we even had some sun!

This picture caught my eye as I started downloading the pictures from our shoot. I love the simplicity of it as a portrait with its lovely composition, great light and what a wonderful expression - so full of joy and fun. It's the breeze blowing in Mia's hair that grabs me most, though - all that life and movement captured in a still image which for me feels like it is a sign of the pent-up energy and movement. Mia is standing still, for a split second, looking at the camera and yet we know in a split second she will be off again - running, jumping, climbing, doing all the things that children do and all the things that make photographing families and children so much fun.

It's that split second of quiet that I love and Mia's grin which says to me, 'come on Helen, let's go and play!' that made me choose this image for today's 'Just One' preview image from our children's and family photo shoot in Greenwich in South London SE10.

I do hope you enjoy it and be sure to check back on the blog to see some more images soon.

Children photography in blackheath se3 and greenwich se10

Family and children's portrait photography in Nantwich, Cheshire

Posted in Family at 16:00 on 26/04/2013

Today’s wonderful family photo shoot took place a bit off the beaten track for me – instead of my usual journey into London to capture photographs in one of the parks, I was off to Nantwich in Cheshire to photograph my dear friend and fellow photographer, Jill Thorning-Jensen and her beautiful family.

It was great to explore a new part of the country and I felt rewarded by one of the first days of decent weather this year. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself, it has been such a long winter!

We ummed and ahhed as to where to go for our portrait session before deciding on a local National Trust property as an ideal spot for our children's and family photo shoot. The family really enjoy making the very best use of their National Trust membership and big gardens always make for great locations for fine art photo shoots.

It was a great location with so much variety and it was lovely to explore the grounds. The playground was wonderful – recently refurbished with lots of different elements, all tastefully done using wood and natural materials (which always looks just that bit nicer than the metal playgrounds of my youth). It was funny to note that the apparatus we spent longest on though was a balance log – a more sophisticated version of the fallen tree. The simplest games really are often the best.

We had a picnic (complete with a nice cup of tea) and then decided that it was perfect weather to fly kites – the shop must have done a roaring trade that day, every child seemed to be wielding a small kit but, unlike the kit kites of my childhood, these ones actually flew. Brilliant! It was so much fun and a lovely activity for pictures - there's so much enjoyment and satisfaction to be had from such a traditional toy.

We finished our day with some more family pictures in the reeds down by the lake, a lovely lovely spot that was complemented by the spring sunlight. Magic!

I hope you enjoy this selection of my favourites pictures from our children's and family portrait session taken on location in Nantwich, Cheshire. If you would like me to visit and capture some pictures of your own family, please contact us - we would be delighted to hear from you.




























Just One - Ava

Posted in Just One at 15:30 on 23/04/2013

'The sun has got his hat on, hip-hip-hip-hooray!'

I admit that I did have a little sing to myself as I travelled across London to my shoot this morning - the sun was shining, the bus ran on time and I was heading to Crouch End to photograph a newborn baby just a week and a few days before I move to Crouch End myself. I'm excited!

I was thrilled when Antonia called to book our newborn and family portrait session this morning, and we had such a great time together. The pictures are still importing into Lightroom as I type, but I knew that I wanted to have a look for this picture as today's 'Just One' preview image. Sometimes you can really feel something coming together during a photo shoot and this was one of those moments during this morning's portrait session.

It was great to be able to go outdoors for a few pictures - we had beuatiful backlighting in the garden and I quickly found myself lying on the grass to capture a really lovely foreground element with the sun-dappled flowers in Antonia's beautiful garden.

Baby Ava was a joy to photograph - so alert and chatty (as only a newborn baby can be with lots of happy, wiffly noises). Antonia, Ross and I had a wonderful time chatting away as I photographed - I'm especially excited to try out the Japanese restaurant Ross recommended!

So here we are, a 'Just One' image from our newborn and family portrait photography shoot in Crouch End, North London N8. Be sure to check back on the blog soon to see more images from today's portrait session.

crouch end newborn photography

Just One - Jill

Posted in Just One at 12:00 on 17/04/2013

Today's 'Just One' preview image comes from my family shoot with my dear friend Jill in Nantwich, Cheshire. It's always such a pleasure to photograph another photographer's children and we had the most wonderful day together.

When mulling over our options for a good location for our family pictures, we chose a nearby National Trust garden - it was beautifully manicured, had a fantastic playground and of course, really lovely banks to roll down (you will need to wait for the full blog post for those pictures, but they are crackers!).

We had also had some sunshine, which was a very welcome change from recent wet weather and we spent the most amazing day having fun with the children.

This is a favourite family shot from the day - I do hope you like it.

children and family portrait photography in cheshire