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Photographing a family on vacation in Knightsbridge, London

Posted in Family at 08:05 on 28/05/2016


Everyone was in a brilliant mood for this spring family photo shoot in Knightsbridge recently. Spring is one of my favourite times of year for family photography – each sunny day feels like a gift and there is a sense of excitement about the summer ahead.

Hanadi had contacted me to arrange a photography session while the family was visiting from Dubai, I’m increasingly getting bookings for families while they are on vacation in London and so do get in touch if you are considering a photo shoot while you are on holiday here in the UK. Hanadi and her family were staying in a wonderful apartment in Knightsbridge, which is an area I know very well and has a number of great locations for family photography, for our shoot we decided to visit beautiful Hyde Park.

The three girls were absolutely brilliant fun and we had such a great morning, I loved the way that Lulu, the youngest, was clearly in charge and had the whole family wrapped around her little finger. Her older sister’s had a brilliant time pushing her in the swing as she roared with laughter, encouraging her sister’s to push her higher and higher.

After spending some time in the playground we headed out into the park itself, Hyde Park has some beautiful avenues and the Serpentine makes a beautiful backdrop for photographs as well as providing a great opportunity to feed the ducks. The girls loved finding the old tree stumps to jump off and the daisies growing everywhere were soon gathered to make daisy chains. We tried to make fire with sticks, an age old activity that children always love, sometimes I worry that one day we will be successful and everyone would be taken by surprise but I think it’s unlikely, luckily!

Then towards the end of our session the girl’s father came to join and we were able to take some family photographs that I know the family will treasure. The girls loved running around chasing their dad and I had a brilliant time photographing this lovely happy family having a wonderful holiday together.

I hope you will enjoy looking at the pictures and do get in touch if you would like to arrange your own family photography session for this summer, dates are booking up fast and it would be great to hear from you.

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blogImagegirls-playing-knightsbridge-hyde-park-37Family Photography while on vacation in London

Family Photography - Combining Portraits and Documentary

Posted in Family at 17:31 on 27/05/2016


Today on the blog I’m thrilled to be sharing a fantastic set of family portraits taken in Surrey. This was my twelfth shoot with Jennifer and her wonderful family and, like all the others, we had the most wonderful time. It’s definitely the best part of my job, seeing families again and again and getting to know them over time. Over the years we have visited so many interesting areas of London and also taken a lot of pictures at home - by returning multiple times each year we end up with a fabulous record of childhood.

My photo shoots combine the very best of documentary family photography with portrait skills learnt over thirteen years of photographing children and families professionally in London. By combining both these worlds I can provide you with excellent images - pictures that include the whole family having fun together in an un-posed fashion, real moments and fabulous interactions but also, and importantly, lovely relaxed family portraits that will work brilliantly on the wall. I think there is a real benefit to getting both these elements into a family photo shoot.

We had such a lovely time playing games and having fun on our session. The children had a brilliant time exploring the formal gardens, looking at the beautiful flower displays and chasing their parents around (the best games, as we all know). It’s always fun finding ways to capture really beautiful images of children playing together, images that show their personalities but which don’t become artificial. I love how you can see the exuberance of the children as they play, cheeky grins and laughter galore and then snuggling with their parents in a beautiful family shot - you can see how much fun we were having.

Utilizing the environment to create really interesting compositions is one of the things I enjoy most when I’m out taking pictures. I like to take images that are unique and give a sense of place and of scale. To do this I need to be constantly on the look out for shapes and light the graphic elements that, when combined with interesting action, make a great family photographs. For example with the shots around the doors I saw the possibilities and worked on the composition and then waited for the perfect moment, Stella and Thomas with a door each and the light and dark elements working to create this interesting image.

I’m always looking for a different angle and to tell a story - making sure I get the context and the detail, the environment and the portrait. Working hard for each client is what has enabled me to create award-winning images and become known as London’s best family portrait photographer.

I do hope you have enjoyed looking at this selection of images and that you might be interested in booking your own family portrait session. Do get in touch via the contact form or give me a call and we can get your session in the diary. The summer is getting booked up, and I’d love to hear from you.




































Family Games in Photos - Leapfrog - Just One

Posted in Just One at 13:15 on 25/05/2016


I love the energy of children, how much fun can be had running and jumping. I don’t think I can leapfrog anymore; admittedly it’s been a while since I have tried, but I know from classes at the gym that springing isn’t my strongest point. Watching Sophie leap over her dad I was in awe. She was just brilliant at it, and I wasn’t surprised to learn how much she enjoys gym class at school.

While I always have some games up my sleeves on photo shoots, ideas of things we can do that will result in great pictures I’m often just led by the children themselves. I like to see how they interact with their parents and siblings and which games they naturally play. Games that they play regularly are always the best as they will remember all the hours they have spent playing them when they look back on these pictures in the future. Sophie and Emily clearly spend a lot of time climbing on their dad and I immediately thought back to my just one from our last family photo shoot, again, a great piece of acrobatics.

I’ll often find a great spot and then let everyone play together, see what transpires naturally and photograph in a documentary fashion to get fun action shots. I’m always aware of all the corners of the frame and I love how this image is layered with Sophie and her dad in the foreground and Emily and her mum in the background - the whole family together. I love how there is a sense of touch through this image with mum’s hand on her daughter – gently checking she is safe - as she stands on the tree stump. Sophie’s foot connecting up with the background figures, on a different plain but perfectly positioned, just on the edge of her mother’s knee but with a tiny gap to give definition (I’d love to say that was planned but it wasn’t, so much is subconscious when it comes to the moment I press the shutter). And Sophie’s fingers just millimeters from her dad’s back as she leaps over. It all works so well.

Images like this tell a story, a story about this family and their childhood, about the fun they have together. I hope you like it.

If you are interested in getting your own family pictures taken then do get in touch, I’m taking bookings for the summer and also the autumn is getting very busy (particularly at the weekends) and so it would be great to get you in the diary if you would like your own photo shoot this year.

A relaxed portrait of three brothers - Just One

Posted in Just One at 18:19 on 24/05/2016


One of the things my clients often say to me is how they really want a lovely shot of the children together. With the advent of fabulous cameras on phones and the sheer number of pictures we all take now (not to mention how incredibly talented many of my clients are behind the camera) they have lots of lovely shots of their children individually. They find it harder to take pictures of them together. As well as family shots, creative and artistic portraits, and the documentary images that I am well known for I always make sure to take some pictures of the children together. Pictures where everyone looks good, nobody is pulling a silly face, an image that they can keep to remember this time and that they can also frame for Grandma’s mantelpiece.

Taking really lovely relaxed pictures of children together where everyone has natural expressions is no mean feat with children. At different ages we move from the cheesy grin of the two year old to the Instagram pout of the teenager, and that’s once we even have everyone in the same place. I love images where children are playing happily together but, as we all know, at some ages children just don’t play together that much. Different ages have different interests and there are times when children will get on with things together and ages where they will play separately. This is just part of growing up but can be a challenge to the children’s photographer.

This is why I’m so thrilled with this beautiful portrait of the boys. At two, the youngest is at an age where his older brothers can entertain him but they wouldn’t naturally engage in the same games and activities. He’s yet to pick up a cricket bat and gain the all important footballing skills to engage in his older brother’s favourite games. That time will come bu, for now, building blocks take precedence over chess. I have lots of beautiful pictures of them having fun together, rolling around in the garden, blowing bubbles for their little brother to chase and enjoying themselves, but this is the shot that caught my eye, a picture of all three boys relaxed on the sofa and with eyes to the camera, a perfect shot for the mantelpiece and a lovely formal portrait for the family achieve.

I love how you get a real sense of their three differing personalities and that, I feel, is exactly what a portrait should do. I hope you like it.

Headshot Photographer in Crouch End N8

Posted in Headshots at 07:00 on 23/05/2016


This year I have been shooting an increasing number of headshots in my home studio here in Crouch End. Offering an affordable session for adults who need a great photo for use at work, on social media or just as a gift for their parents (it’s one of those things that children are photographed so often and yet once we become adults we don’t have so many professional pictures taken and it’s a gift that parents always love).

Keeping sessions short, about half an hour, and working with some different backgrounds in my home and garden I can produce a lovely selection of images for my clients to choose from.

When Anita arrived it was a stunning evening so, as well as a few shots indoors we also utilized my little garden, the evening light providing beautiful flattering illumination for these stunning portraits.

If you are an actor in Crouch End, Highgate or Muswell Hill and you are looking for a new headshot for your Spotlight Page, or someone in need of a new profile picture for LinkedIn, or you would just like a really great portrait for Facebook and your family and friends then give me a call and we can arrange a time for you to visit me in Crouch End for your portrait photography session.