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What Will Happen Next?

Posted in Just One at 07:55 on 30/05/2017


One thing I love in a photograph is a sense of anticipation, a feeling for what might happen next. I love how photography can do this, can freeze time in the split second of something happening, or the split second before it happens. We all know what’s going to happen in this picture but the image leaves it to the imagination, it’s the moment before and, like with bubble popping itself, its the anticipation that is most exciting..

I love how the picture has everything, the incredible bubble catching the summer light, the looks of sheer joy and excitement on the boys faces as, barely able to contain themselves, they begin to leap into the air and the grin on their cousin’s face as he creates this giant bubble.

Identical twins - mirror images - both with an arm outstretched and mouths open in laughter. Their cousin, arms outstretched to make this amazing bubble with a t-shirt that mirrors his pose, the arms of the Saracens rugby player held out in an unconscious echo (I mean, I couldn’t have even dreamt that could happen and I certainly didn’t notice at the time, but sometimes the stars really do align and everything works perfectly).

It was a brilliant day, we had such a great time and I’m so pleased with this image and how it really captures the energy and excitement of the day.

When photographing children and families it’s this sense of capturing the moment, capturing the fun, the excitement and the relationships that I look to record in my pictures. I find that these images are often the ones that we look back on with the most joy as time goes by, images that transport us to a time and place, that show us our family and friends, those we love the most. I’m sure the boys will, all three of them, love looking back on this picture when they are older - cousins having fun together on a summer’s day.

Photo shoots are always a mix of un-posed documentary imagery like this and, of course, making sure we also have the portrait images, pictures of the family together that are just as important as the action shots. If this relaxed and natural approach and my style of creative black and white photography appeals to you then do get in touch, I’m taking bookings for late spring, summer and also the run up to Christmas and I look forward to hearing from you.

Family Photography in Winchmore Hill N21

Posted in Just One at 14:49 on 26/05/2017


I first met Kate back in 2014 when I photographed her beautiful baby daughter at the family home in Winchmore Hill in North London. I was so excited to get a call to arrange a new photo shoot this year, to take some photographs of family life and document Elsa’s favourite things – now two years old Elsa was full of energy and such a joy to photograph. It’s always such fun to visit families again, to see how the children have grown and to catch up on all the news.

We had the most fantastic time. I don’t know Winchmore Hill well even though it’s just up the road. Now, having visited the park there I can see what attracted Kate and Tom to the area, it’s the most amazing place for kids to play. We explored all the different areas of the park, the wonderful woodland, the amazing stream (perfect for Pooh Sticks) and then off to the café for ice cream on the way home. A rainy shot of Kate and Elsa is one of my other favourites from the shoot – it sums up British bank holiday weather so well!

For the second half of the shoot we headed home for some indoor pictures, I often like to do half a session indoors and half outside as this gives lovely variety to the images and allows me to document so many of the different every day activities that children love. Photographing every day things bring back so many memories in future years.

It was such a great shoot and I have so many picture that I love, it’s been really hard to choose a favourite for today’s Just One. In the end though, I kept coming back to this picture as I love the scale of it, the feeling of the majesty of nature and what a wonderful environment this is for a family to play in. I love to incorporate nature and architecture into my pictures and use elements of the environment to create varied and interesting compositions. I love how the tree seems to embrace the family, it’s as if it is reaching down with it’s long spindly arms to hug the family close, a benevolent protector. I love to think that a tree like this, an enormous tree with real personality that has such pride of place in Elsa’s local park will be a tree that will have memories as she grows up. She may play hide and seek around it or eat picnics under it as a child, learn to ride a bike in circles round and round. As a teenager maybe she will sit with her friends and watch the world go by eating ice cream after school. I have trees with memories like this from my childhood hangout in Greenwich Park and I always smile to remember. I hope Elsa will smile when she looks at this picture in years to come and that you will enjoy looking at it today.

and because ice cream in the rain is what bank holidays are all about....


Christening Photography in London - Just One - Ruby

Posted in Just One at 17:11 on 22/05/2017


As photographers, we’re privileged to be invited to share important days with the families we work with, to celebrate important events and to meet the people who are important to them – the family and friends with whom they share their lives. It’s one of the many reasons I love photographing christenings. I’m invited in to observe and record a day that celebrates the bonds of family, friendship and religion as parents and godparents stand up and promise to love and guide their child, and godchild, as they grow up.

I arranged to meet Mary and John before the ceremony so we had some time for pictures of Ruby as everybody arrived. I like to take portraits before the christening itself as little ones can get quite overwhelmed by the ceremony also, by taking the portraits before the christening, we got Ruby on top form after her nap. We had a great time and Ruby enjoyed exploring the church as her parents greeted their family and friends who had come to share this special day.

I wanted to take a picture that really focused on Ruby but which also gave some context to the portrait and I’m thrilled with this photograph of Ruby playing in the pews. I love how the leading lines draw us to her and her little arms, one on each seat give a beautiful symmetry to her pose. She has only just learnt to walk so holding on gives stability but it’s also a pose that makes me think she’s in complete control an independent and inquisitive toddler who will follow her dreams wherever they lead.

I love the detail of the flowers on the right hand side, the church had been so beautifully decorated and by including the detail of the roses and the ribbons the family will remember the thought that had gone into the preparations, it’s often these secondary elements that give context to a picture and bring back memories as the years go by.

Most of all though I love Ruby’s expression, looking up quizzically at her playmate, smiling happily at the game they are enjoying. It was such a pleasure to meet and photograph Ruby, the apple of her parents’ eye and an absolute joy to photograph.

Family Photography When on Holiday in London

Posted in Children at 17:47 on 19/05/2017


I’ve been photographing Shareefah’s beautiful children since 2008 when she first booked a session during the family’s annual stay in London over the summer. Since then we’ve done another five sessions - and they are a highlight of my summer. I hadn’t realised, growing up in London, how many people visit for the whole summer but I can see why London is such a popular destination. It’s brilliant for kids and particularly the area around Kensington where Shareefah stays - there are fabulous parks and also the amazing London museums as well as so many family friendly restaurants and other great places to spend time.

This year we decided to visit stunning Holland Park, one of my favourite locations for family photography and a park that I know like the back of my hand. One of the most interesting things about my work is visiting places that I know well and finding new angles and approaches. It’s important to me, and to my clients, that the pictures are unique. We don’t have a shot list and work through a set of poses in the same places each time, that would drive me mad and would mean that the pictures would not have the originality and spontaneity which my clients can expect. Instead we take each day as a new day, see where the children want to go and then approach each game anew. I love it, it’s so much fun to be creative and so much fun to be child led and to see what the little ones come up with.

We started our photo shooot in the playground, which can often be a good idea as it allows the children to relax, especially if they are at the age where ‘cheesy grins’ can be an issue. Also, at 8am we have the playground to ourselves which is so much fun and we can run around and play on all the equipment before moving on to different areas of the park when things begin to get busy. The kids were thrilled with this plan and we had a great time.

From the playground we moved on to have an explore, utilizing the beautiful tree lined paths for good effect, the kids having great fun playing together and finding trees to climb and logs to jump off. A game of hide and seek was a huge success and I will never grow tired of watching children try to hide behind teeny tiny trees, there’s always a cheeky grin to be photographed as they try so hard to stay hidden. I love games like this and will always join in - climbing into the bushes and squeezing into the smallest places to hide like the best of them.

We finished the photo shoot with a quick trip to the swings in the little playground on our way out of the park - after all, you can’t walk past a swing! It was a perfect end to a perfect morning.

If this sounds like the type of photo shoot you and your family would enjoy - relaxed fun resulting in beautiful natural black and white photographs, then do get in touch. There is still availability for the spring and summer and I’d love to hear from you.

To see some more examples of

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I hope you enjoy the pictures

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Child and Family Photography in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Posted in Family at 08:00 on 17/05/2017


Today on the blog I’m pleased to be sharing some images from a photo shoot in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. I travel to Tunbridge Wells a few times each season to visit regular clients and to meet new ones.


This was my fifth shoot with Tom, Amanda and their boys. We first met when Will was only three, it’s hard to believe he’s now ten years old, time certainly does fly. I’m so incredibly lucky that many of my clients have regular sessions as it’s such a privilege to watch the children grow up and to create these wonderful photographic documents of their childhoods.

Tom and Amanda had chosen the stones at High Rocks for our first location and I couldn’t have been happier. I’d been to this location once before a few years ago with another family and I was so pleased to go back, it’s a fantastic spot. The rocks are so much fun to play on and there are so many interesting opportunities for pictures. I could photograph their every day for a month and I don’t think I would get bored. We had a brilliant time playing hide and seek and the boys loved it.

Then we decided to move on and explore the woods, taking a ball with us. Sports are now the number one activity for the boys and they were very keen to show off their football skills. I always really enjoy the dynamic nature of family photo shoots, how we move from one thing to another never letting the children get bored and ensuring we are all having fun. I love photographing large families with three, four, five children; I really enjoy the dynamics and find that the opportunities for pictures are fantastic as the children play together.

Mid-morning the call of snacks and coffee took us back to the family home which I was very pleased about, Tom and Amanda have a brilliant garden and I’ve enjoyed utilizing it’s photographic opportunities on four occasions now (our first photo shoot having taken place before the family moved from London). Each time is different as the children grow and use the space in different ways.

We had a brilliant time with Nerf guns and using the play area - swings and slides never fail to amuse and I’m always trying to find different angles and get interesting and unusual photos. I love images that really capture personality and have what I think of as ‘real’ expressions rather than cheesy photo grins, which can be such a feature with children of these ages. By playing together the camera is forgotten and I am able to take pictures that really capture the boys personalities.

A game of cricket gave each of the boys a chance to show off their skills and then, because the weather was good we finished with a water fight. When Will suggested we emulate the ice bucket challenge and tip buckets of water on their heads who was I to disagree? He was right, the pictures were wonderful and, as so often happens, I was thrilled that the family photographs are a collaborative effort between me and my young subjects. By working together and having fun we can create fantastic pictures that will be enjoyed for years to come.