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Just One - Ava - Family photography in Kent

Posted in Just One at 16:00 on 26/06/2015


Two years after the wonderful Kerry Morgan photographed my wedding, I had the pleasure of photographing her beautiful family down in Kent. Not only was I thrilled to meet up with Kerry again, it was a perfect day for family photography - bright and sunny. Summer had, it seems, arrived and long may it last!

As always, I arrived at Kerry’s home nice and early. I find that starting my family photo shoots at 8am really helps to get the very best out of the children. It makes good sense to allow as much photography time as possible before late morning hunger triggers tiredness in the children . With a large cup of coffee to get us started (well coffee for the grown-ups, Ava had delicious Ribena), we packed up the car and headed for the park. As a fellow photographer, Kerry had chosen a brilliant location. Swanley park was a wonderful place for our Kent family photography session.

We had a brilliant time playing in the playground, feeding the ducks and exploring each corner of the park. Ava is an avid Star Wars fan (famously refusing to answer to anything but R2D2 for a whole week!). It was perfect that we were able to find lightsabers (or, on this planet, sticks) galore – just the job for chasing down an errant At-At. Such good fun!

I had never used Swanley Park as a location before, so this was a whole new experience for my children and family photography. I was stunned by the variety of wonderful photographic opportunities. Particularly stunning were the sections of wildflowers - just perfect for portraits or images of beautiful toddlers having lots of fun making daisy chains. There were also buttercups. galore (yes, I do like butter, but always good to double-check). Keep your eye on the blog as I’ll be posting more from the park very soon.

Today’s ‘Just One’, however, was actually taken once we returned to Kerry’s lovely home. This image is of Ava playing in her beautiful garden. As she turned round to look at me, I was immediately caught by this expression - absolutely mesmerising. I love how, in a moment of stillness, she turned and faced me with this incredible penetrating expression. There she was, perfectly composed, totally engaged with the camera. It’s a classic portrait and a beautiful one. Un-posed, it portrays a moment of calm in an otherwise fun-filled portrait shoot. I love how photography captures a myriad of emotions over the course of one family portrait session. Moving from joy to happiness and laughter to pictures like this, a stunning portrait of a beautiful little girl.

I do hope you like this shot, today’s ‘Just One’ from my children and family photography session in Kent. Do check back soon for some more photographs from this wonderful portrait shoot.

Just One - Sofia - beautiful children's portrait photography at Coworth House, Ascot

Posted in Just One at 17:16 on 23/06/2015


It's the perfect time of year to be a children and family photographer! I’m loving being out and about taking lots of lovely portrait photographs in this beautiful weather. It feels as if summer is here (most of the time), and with the occasional chilly breeze and brief shower, the weather has been lovely these past couple of weeks. I had the most amazing time photographing Oliver and his beautiful family at the incredible Coworth Park Hotel and grounds in Ascot this weekend. It was the most wonderful day and the set of pictures that I am currently processing are making me absolutely thrilled, there are so many lovely images to choose from.

Today’s Just One preview is a photograph that I had a great feeling about as soon as I released the shutter. Sofia is one of the most beautiful children I have ever photographed, and with the most incredible poise and grace. She is a very talented ballerina with a delicacy of movement and an elegance that I have rarely seen in one so young. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph the family since 2011, and it’s a real privilege to watch this wonderful family grow up.

We had an incredible day together, exploring the grounds of Coworth House, playing in the sunshine, eating the most fantastic picnic and photographing the children having their riding lessons and playing cricket. I look forward to sharing some more pictures in the blog soon which also feature Sofia's lovely brothers too. Today's preview image features a moment that took place in between a vigorous bout of sword fighting between Sofia and her younger brothers (what other use is there for a stick?) and looking for fish in the ornamental pond, when Sofia walked down this stunning avenue of trees. I turned and saw this magical moment. She was looking down and it was as if a moment from a fairy tale unfolded before me. The avenue of trees created the perfect frame, with the light at the end giving the context of this beautiful bright day at Coworth Park with Sofia, stunning in her beautiful dress, like a figure from another world.

It’s an image that will stick with me forever, a perfect moment with that touch of light on her hip giving a sense of spontaneity and movement. It's this touch that elevates this image to something natural, something stunning, something unrepeatable, and above all, beautiful.

I’m thrilled with this image and I hope you will love it as much as I do, today's Just One preview image from our children's and family photography session in Coworth Park Hotel in Ascot.

I’ll look forward to sharing some more photographs from this wonderful session soon, but in the meantime, do contact us if you would like to arrange your own family photo shoot over the summer months - we would love to hear from you.

Just One - Rosie - Baby Photography in Twickenham and Bushy Park

Posted in Just One at 17:00 on 22/06/2015


On Saturday I photographed one of the cutest babies I have been lucky enough to meet in a while. The lovely Rosie was an absolute joy to photograph at her family's home in Twickenham and in nearby Bushy Park, a wonderful location for baby portrait photography.

Chatting to Rosie’s mum Alice, she mentioned how she had first seen my work up on the wall of her best friend’s sister’s home many years ago. She told me the picture had stuck in her mind. I cannot tell you how pleased I was that she chose me to photograph her lovely family. We had an absolutely brilliant time and I’m so thrilled with all the pictures, it’s been really hard to choose ‘Just One’ for the blog. This image did, however, catch my eye - I love so much about it!

When I’m taking pictures of children there are so many different elements that I have in my head - I aim to produce visually beautiful images that really capture a child’s personality in an interesting fashion. I love to use the environment to anchor an image and give a sense of place which will trigger memories for the whole family for years to come. Little Rosie was just learning to walk when we did our photo shoot. Pulling herself up on any available surface, she would move sideways. As she shuffled along from one handhold to the next, she was clearly thrilled with the progress she was making. She was gaining her freedom one step at a time. Rosie’s first birthday is coming up and I’m wondering if she will be walking on her own by then. I wouldn’t bet against it!

As for this picture, I love the fact that we can clearly see Rosie is being supported by the fence. Her cute little arms are holding on but you can’t see her legs because, unable to stand for long unaided, she is in to a precarious angle. It’s such a short moment in time - this stage between standing and walking. A picture like this is precious because it provides a reminder of Rosie at this special time.

I love the soft light in the image and the framing of the bridge. I am sure this bridge will play a big part in Rosie’s childhood. It’s a great spot for Pooh Sticks and the Billy Goats Gruff - a place for feeding the ducks and watching the world go by. Most of all though, and what brings it all together, is little Rosie’s expression. I love her look, both quizzical and engaged. She is looking outward to see what is happening, but with a little smile that says ‘look at me, look at me, LOOK AT ME! I’m WALKING!’

We had an amazing time on our family photography session in Bushy Park. It was a really brilliant day and I’m so excited to be editing the pictures this week. I’ll be sharing more soon. There are some fabulous pictures still to come including beautiful portraits, some wonderful action shots and so many lovely family pictures. Do check back soon to see some more pictures from this lovely baby photography session and do let me know if you would like to arrange your own photo shoot. Although the summer is booking up fast, we still have some availability so would love to hear from you. Please do get in touch.

Family photographer in Notting Hill, West London

Posted in Family at 10:00 on 20/06/2015


The Family Photography session on the blog today features a fantastic day spent in Notting Hill, West London, W11. I have had the pleasure and good fortune to have done a total of five Children and Family photography sessions for Emma and her beautiful family and each one has been an absolute delight. We always have such a fantastic time. The girls are, and always have been, really great fun to photograph.

For today’s Family Portrait Photography session, we headed to the stunning Ladbroke Square Gardens. This is one of the biggest of the Notting Hill private garden squares. We had an amazing time exploring the different area and playing a variety of exciting games. It was the perfect photographic location.

Emma bought some delicious chocolate eggs with her so we had a slightly out of season Easter egg hunt. Having said that, when is it not the right time to hunt chocolate eggs? The girls absolutely loved it. The expression on their faces as they discovered the eggs was one of pure delight. This made for great pictures.

Whilst playing in the playground, I took the shot of Hannah on the swing. This has to be one of my favourites of the year – her look of joy and happiness is just perfect. It is this expression, combined with the exuberance of the swinging movement, the lovely soft light and dark background, that makes for such a strikingly dramatic portrait.

After the swings, we had a great game of hide and seek. This is always a favourite game of mine as it never fails to produce lovely pictures of happy children having a brilliant time. It’s such fun for me too. I love getting involved in the game, counting to twenty and coming to find the family. ‘Ready or not, here I come….’

A fantastic time was had by all and I’m so thrilled with the pictures. I hope you will like them too - today’s Children and Family photography session from Ladbroke Square in Notting Hill. If you like what you see and would like to arrange your own Family Photography session in Notting Hill or elsewhere in London, then please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


























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Family photographer in Brockley, SE London

Posted in Family at 16:00 on 19/06/2015


Despite the fact it was wet and windy, I knew it was going to be a brilliant day as soon as I arrived at Joe and Victoria’s stunning Brockley flat for our photography session. The flat was lovely with beautiful high ceilings and the most incredible directional light in the living room. To be fair, there was not a great deal of light but, as a photographer, the quality of light will always trump the quantity. In this case, I was thrilled by its exceptional quality and knew that I was on course to get some great photographs.

We started indoors taking some pictures of Fleur as she introduced me to her favourite bear, a wonderful toy considerably bigger than she was and almost as big as me. Wistfully, I remember myself as a child wishing I had a teddy just like this one.

A break in the weather allowed us to brave a trip to Hilly Fields for some outdoor pictures. The family, along with Gus the dog, all headed out to brave the elements. I feel it is a good sign when a family is happy to be out in all weather, especially if they have a dog. Needless to say, Fleur and Gus were only too delighted to be running around outdoors. The photograph of Fleur outside the café, turning and looking back to say ‘come on mummy and daddy, what’s taking you so long?’ is a firm family favourite. This is a picture that sums up this time in their lives when, whatever the weather, many a day is spent out on Hilly Fields following Fleur as she explores and plays. A happy, confident toddler, Fleur is happy just revelling in the fresh air, and I really love photographs like this. These are images that speak to parents, not only of a time and a place, but of the special relationship between them and their offspring. For me, this image is personality-laden and filled with memories. I’m so glad that this is now framed and hanging in the family’s home. We had a great time at the park. Fleur particularly enjoyed the adult exercise equipment. As far as she was concerned, this was far more fun than the children’s playground, which didn’t even get a look in during our run around.

And then, as the weather begun to take a turn for the worst, we made our way back home for the second half of our family photo shoot.

One of the best things about a rainy day photo shoot is the variety of images that you can expect. Although we’ll often get out and about for at least a part of the time, we also end up taking a lot more images indoors, spending time thinking about all the little things that make up a normal day. The rain can be a great idea catalyst for photo shoots, producing pictures that really show the family as it is – with all their favourite toys, favourite games, and all the little things that define childhood. It is a privilege to photograph these things, especially in the knowledge that such images will have such resonance in the future.

We had a fabulous time playing in the different rooms of the flat, reading books, playing with favourite toys (a toy phone being a particular favourite), and also making sure that Gus the dog was included in the pictures.

And then, to finish our morning, back where we started in the front room with the magical light streaming in where I photographed Fleur, with her pots and pans, cooking us a lovely lunch. This is just one of many favourite images from our morning photography session - a laugh out loud classic, full of life and an expression that makes me smile whenever I see it. I also loved the side-lit portraits.

I came away feeling it was a wonderful session. I hope you agree and enjoy looking at these family portraits from our children’s photography session in Brockley in South East London SE4.