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'Run, Daddy, Run!' A Father and Son Portrait

Posted in Just One at 16:56 on 22/06/2016


Some photo shoots feel as if they have an over-riding theme and that was definitely the case for this fantastic family photography session in Greenwich Park where the theme was ‘I want to RUN!’ Levison has recently discovered that he can get around super fast if his parents hold both his hands and run with him - and he loves it!

We spent the most wonderful morning together in Greenwich Park, one of my all time favourite places both for family photo shoots and also as a space in it’s own right – it’s where I learnt to ride a bike when I was a child. We had a great time, exploring the flower garden, playing among the trees and, of course, running around chasing anything that moved.

I feel that this picture really summed up the photo shoot for me and must really reflect this time in Levison’s life. I love his expression as he runs forward laughing up at his mummy. Looking closely you can see just how tightly he holds his dad’s fingers, part support and part ensuring that he keeps up, ‘run faster daddy, run faster’ I love how father and son are completely in step, each with their left foot turned out and right foot raised just the same amount, perfectly in tune.

Moments like this are incredibly special. It’s possible that, as I write this, Levison is already walking unaided, that transition can be so quick. But either way it won’t be long before he’s running around kicking a football and climbing trees. I’m sure he will still be pulling his parents along, wanting them to keep up on the great adventures that they will share together but it’ll be that one handed tug of the toddler rather than the supporting grip we see here.

Photographing family portraits in a documentary style means I am looking for these moments, these special pictures that capture this time in a child’s life. As I watch events unfold I’m always on the look out for pictures that will stand the test of time and become more special as the years go by. I think this picture will do that and I hope that Levison will love it when he’s in his teens and in his twenties and who knows, maybe he will look back on it as he holds the hands of his own child sometime in the future and will think back to his childhood and his wonderful parents and all the fun they have together.

Beautiful Light for a Mother and Baby Portrait - Just One

Posted in Just One at 10:46 on 21/06/2016


I fell in love with this image the moment I saw it – the light was incredible in this dark corner of a children’s playground on my recent photo shoot for Jenny and her lovely family and this special moment between Jenny and her son makes for an image that captured my heart.

This was my second shoot with Jenny and it was lovely to go back and see how the girls had grown and to meet their new baby brother Alex as well as their cousin who had joined us for the day out. It’s always a privilege to return to my clients and see my pictures on the wall; I’m very lucky to have so many returning clients.

We decided to go out for the day and with bags packed full of snacks we jumped in the car and headed to a nearby national trust property which was a fantastic location for our family photography session. I love how so many of these grand houses and gardens have so much for children to do – woodland walks, great playgrounds and fabulous cafes to feed everyone when tiredness takes over. It was a brilliant choice.

It’s been so hard choosing an image for today’s Just One but I was immediately drawn to this picture because of the fantastic light and the lovely expressions. This picture was taken in the corner of a playground, right next to the giant swing and I love how it could be anywhere, it’s completely timeless. There was very little light in the area as trees grew up on every side but the light coming in from above provided this wonderful illumination – almost a spotlight on my beautiful subject. Alex’s face, lifted to the light, inquisitive and a touch wistful (is he dreaming of the future or just wondering how old he needs to be to go on the zipwire?).

I look forward to sharing some other images from this fabulous photo shoot soon but in the meantime I hope you like this picture, today’s Just One, from my recent family photography session.

An Activity Filled Morning on a Fun Family Photo Shoot

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While we are getting lots of beautiful weather at the moment and spring is moving towards summer I thought it was time to blog a set of images from just before the weather turned, when there was still a definite chill in the air.

Because I photograph so many families there is sometimes a bit of a delay getting up the full blog post so we get the odd one out of season, I do hope you forgive me. I try to blog at least three times a week but with lots of sessions at the moment I can get behind. Still, it’s definitely worth the wait for this lovely relaxed documentary style family photo shoot with my dear friend Lucy and her lovely family.

We spent a fantastic morning together taking pictures near Lucy’s Newcastle home – I do love how this job means I get to travel the length and breadth of the UK visiting families to take their photographs. I’d not been to Newcastle before but I certainly hope to visit again soon, it’s a fantastic city. Lucy’s house was near an incredible nature reserve and we had a brilliant walk there with the children after starting off with a few pictures at home.

The girls were hilarious, such great fun to photograph and with so much energy. It was brilliant to go exploring and I was introduced to the world of geocaching as we searched for a brilliantly hidden treasure. Eventually Rowan had to climb an enormous tree, which would certainly have been beyond my skill. But we found it and Ella was thrilled to add her name to the list of intrepid explorers who had been there before us.

I’m definitely going to explore the world of geocaching, I think they could be a brilliant addition to my photo shoot arsenal and it certainly made for a brilliant adventure as we searched low and (eventually) high for the well-hidden prize.

Baby Rosie was so chilled out through the whole morning, having a little nap in her sling and not minding a bit when her big sister decided to show me just how many teeth she had, I have a feeling that that picture will be one that will be a favourite when the girls grow up. Sometimes it’s the bizarre and funny pictures that really stick with us through the years.

It was a wonderful morning and I’m thrilled with the images. The summer is getting very busy now, if you are interested in booking your own session for the coming months then do get in touch soon and we can get your date in the diary.
































Fun Filled and Energetic Family Photo Shoot in Kensington

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This session was an absolutely fantastic morning in Kensington Gardens with Alex and her lovely family. It’s always such fun to look back on my sessions when I write the full blog post, I love to remember all the different things that we did and the fun we had taking family photographs. This was one of my favourite sessions that I have had recently and I hope you will agree that the pictures have turned out brilliantly.

Alex had been given my name by their incredibly talented wedding photographer; Martin Beddall who had recommended she book me for her family portraits. It’s always such a compliment to be recommended by other photographers and I’m very grateful that Martin passed my name on. Martin and I had spoken before the day and he’d told me how lovely Alex and Andrew were so I knew I would have a great time.

When I arrived to be greeted by two massive grins on the faces of Alex and Andrew’s children Jemima and Toby, I knew I was in for a treat. We were out very early and in Kensington Gardens just after 8am. The park was empty and the morning light was stunning as we started to play games straight away. The children thought it was fantastic; a whole morning to play with mummy and daddy and enjoy all their favourite games (which, as is so often the case, involved chasing their parents round and round). It was such fun.

To keep family photo shoots fun and exciting for everyone I always keep things moving, both moving from area to area and changing the games we are playing so nobody gets too tired of any one thing. This strategy ensures that photo shoots are always great fun and also that we get a really lovely variety of images - from the documentary family photographs as everyone plays together to relaxed family portraits and pictures of siblings together which are often parent’s favourite pictures from a given photo shoot.

Kensington Gardens is such a brilliant location for family photo shoots as there is so much variety; different areas which provide such variety to the pictures. We found a brilliant tree trunk that made a fabulous pirate ship (and yes, Alex and Andrew did have to walk the plank). It also made a great spot for family pictures and I love how relaxed and fun they are - you can see that everyone is having a great time. More and more London parks are using fallen trees to great effect providing a spot for a quiet sit down or for a boisterous game, it’s fantastic.

Then we moved on taking a quick pit stop for coffee and a muffin to top up everyone’s energy levels, and then more running around. We finished with a lion hunt in the long grass, a brilliant game and definitely one best left until the end of the photo shoot as the dew made it all rather wet. So we finished – tired, happy, and a little bit damp and ready to go home for lunch. A perfect day and a fabulous set of pictures, I do hope you enjoy them.




































At Home Photo Session with Four Month Old Baby Oscar

Posted in Babies at 08:00 on 05/06/2016


I was so thrilled when Lauren contacted me to photograph her son Oscar. Chatting on the phone before the session I knew we would get on brilliantly and have a great time.

When I arrived Oscar was asleep (never wake a sleeping baby is definitely one of my golden rules on a photo shoot) and so we enjoyed a coffee and chatted until he woke up. Lauren is in the process of refurbishing her new St John’s Wood home and so was keen to have some family portraits to hang on the wall once they moved in. We chatted about the area - my older brother lives in St John’s Wood so I know it well - and all the great things that London has to offer for children. I really think it is one of the most incredible cities to grow up.

When Oscar woke he greeted me with such a lovely smile and I knew I was in for a treat. He was so much fun to photograph, enjoying his time with his parents playing on their bed. He loved it when his parents gave him kisses and snuggles - giggling with glee, the most enormous smile on his face.

Oscar was four months old when we did our photo shoot and I was really impressed with his neck strength. He enjoyed some tummy time; laughing up at the camera and chatting away in baby speak. I love how babies interact with adults, gurgling and laughing and keeping up a form of conversation even before they have learnt any words.

Family portraits were great fun to do and are always so important – I think the shot I shared as my Just One is my favourite but there are so many lovely pictures to choose from with such a beautiful family. It’s lovely to have pictures with everyone in. I always like to provide variety in the images I take on my baby and family photo shoots and so I was sure to get lots of lovely details as well as the portraits and family photographs. I love the shot of Oscar holding his dad’s hand while being held by his mum, it’s an unusual angle and I think it works really well, showing the close bonds between each member of this loving family.

It was a great photo shoot and I’m thrilled with the pictures. I can’t wait for my next visit and to see the arrangement of eight framed family pictures that we have made hanging up on the wall in Lauren’s St John’s Wood home.