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Father and Son

Posted in Just One at 09:25 on 30/06/2017


It’s my aim, as a family photographer, to take pictures that show relationships. I like to create photographs that sum up, in a fraction of a second, the love that family members have for one another. I think this picture does just that.

It’s a quiet moment, unposed and between activities – and all the more powerful for that. I think it’s one of the most perfect photographs of a father and son that I have ever taken. The look of utter happiness and contentment on Nuwan’s face says it all – happy and snug in his father’s arms, the perfect place to be. I love his expression, a smile of such contentment.

It is the hands though that really make the picture for me, that hold the image together and give it this feeling of unity that I love so much – little hands held in bigger hands, father and son together.

The composition is so simple and so effective, Suranga’s arms hugging his son take our eyes around the picture, always ending up at Nuwan’s smiling face, the composition enhances the feeling of togetherness.

We spent such a wonderful morning on our photo shoot in Cambridge – my third family shoot since I had helped my husband, Tom, photograph Gemma and Suranga’s wedding ten years ago now. It’s always so lovely to visit families regularly over the years, to watch the children grow up and to see all the new things that they enjoy.

Nuwan and his brother Rohan were such a joy to photograph. We had such a brilliant time and the photos span an amazing range of activities from making grass catapults to a light-saber battle with real trees (who uses sticks when there’s recently been a storm that has brought down branches at least three times the size of the children), from hid and seek to water pistols. I love how, over the course of a morning, we can do so many different things and photograph the children in so many different moods.

I’ll share some other images soon, but in the meantime, I hope you like this picture, today’s ‘Just One’ from my recent family photography session in Cambridge. If you would like to book your own family session over the summer then do get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

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Family Photographer Specialising in Black and White in Notting Hill

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It was another trip to beautiful Notting Hill today to visit Stacey for our second family photography session. I had first met the family a couple of years ago when we took some newborn pictures of Toni along with lots of fun family photos. I was so pleased to go back for a second visit now Toni is two.

We had a brilliant time and I was so pleased to see everyone again. I remembered Ava so well from our first session, initially she had been a little shy and then suddenly had warmed up and we had had the most incredible time. She’s so expressive and funny and full of the most incredibly energy - that hadn’t changed at all. Having recently taken up Karate I was thrilled to see all her amazing moves and it was a great test of the camera autofocus system to have such a lot of energy in indoor photographs. I’ve always been a fan of action pictures and I love it when the kids jump around during our photo shoots, it’s so much more fun than sitting quietly for the camera.

As I often like to do, we divided our photo shoot between indoor and outdoor pictures. I love indoor shots and find I’m drawn to them more and more as time goes by. I love showing my clients homes and capturing the little details that I know will bring back so many memories as the children get older, toys and games and those activities that they can only do when they are young - it won’t be long now before Ava is too big to ride her scooter around the kitchen, it’s it lovely to have these pictures that she can look back on in later years.

As the morning progressed we headed out for some fresh air. Notting Hill has such beautiful garden squares and Stacey is lucky enough to have a key to one of them. We had a great time playing football and having a run around. It was also a lovely opportunity for some family photographs as I do think these are an important element of any family photo shoot – I like to make sure I cover all my bases, some family shots with everyone in as well as the more spontaneous documentary photographs which is what often draws people to my work.

We finished with a bit of home baking, as Ava was keen to make a chocolate cake. I love her expressions as she mixes (and tastes) the cake.

It was a great session and I’m already looking forward to our next one. Visiting families again and again and watching the children grow is, without a doubt, the most amazing part of my job. If you have been thinking about booking a family photography session but are yet to schedule a date then make today the day you pick up the phone. We can get something in the diary and start to document your children’s lives in beautiful black and white photographs that you will treasure for years to come.

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Child Portrait in Black and White - Just One

Posted in Children at 09:22 on 23/06/2017


I just love this smile. I first met Archie back in February last year when he was eight months old. I spent a wonderful morning with his family at their stunning home in London taking his portrait and pictures with his mummy and daddy. It was a lovely session and so I was thrilled when Sarah contacted me to arrange a follow up this year. It's wonderful to do annual photo shoots, particularly when the little ones are so little - they grow so much so quickly and the milestones pass by in a flash. Having beautiful photographs to remember these fun times is a real joy.

Although rain was forecast, we had a lovely day for our portrait photography session with beautiful soft light. We spent a wonderful few hours out and about exploring, having fun, and taking photos. Archie was a natural in front of the camera for our first session and just as amazing this second time around. We had such a great time.

I chose this beautiful portrait for today's Just One as I love everything about it. I love Archie's expression - his wonderful smile as he looks straight at the camera.

I love the light, soft but still a little directional and the way the shallow depth of field really makes him pop from the background, a lovely tree lined lane that was perfect for photos.

Black and white is, I feel, the perfect medium for family portraits, concentrating on the essence of emotion and expression, showing the personality of my young subjects without distraction. Pictures like this are so lovely in the monochrome format, the background becoming completely free distraction, perfectly complementing this beautiful portrait.

It's a very classic portrait and a very beautiful one and I hope you like it as much as I do.

North London Newborn Photographer

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Today on the blog I’m thrilled to share some beautiful photographs from a recent newborn photography session in North London. I was thrilled when Laleh contacted me from her home in the United Arab Emirates to arrange a newborn and family photo shoot when she would be in London for the birth of her first child. I could tell immediately from her emails that we were going to get on really well and I was really looking forward to the session.

We had the most wonderful morning; it was such a joy to meet little Siyavash and to document this early time in his life. Some of my sessions are filled with so much laughter and this was one of those, we had such fun as we took the pictures, looking back over the images as I write this blog post I find myself smiling at each and every shot.

Photographing newborn babies is always such a pleasure, I feel so privileged to be invited into my clients homes at such an early stage – most newborn photography happens within the first fortnight and I’m often one of the very first visitors. It’s always really special.

We started off indoors, taking pictures in different rooms and moving around to utilize the best light and different backgrounds. It’s amazing the difference in feel you get to pictures taken in different rooms, a lovely white bedroom provided a simple backdrop and then, downstairs, French windows to the garden gave a very different look. My job as a photographer is to utilize each of my client’s homes to provide the very best pictures.

Towards the end of the session we left the house and went for a walk to a nearby park. It was such a beautiful day and felt so good to get out and about. Baby Siyavash loved being outside and slept soundly as we took some family photographs filled with the lush greenery of London in the summer.

I hope you like these images, if you would like to see more then do take a look at the dedicated newborn photography section and if you would then like to arrange your own family photo shoot then do get in touch and we can discuss your requirements. I’d love to hear from you!






























Black and White Child Photos in London - Just One

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I have always loved the clarity that black and white photography brings to child and family portrait photographs. I love how it takes us right to the very essence of an image, to the wonderful personalities of my young subjects. I love how, in a black and white photograph, we aren’t distracted by the colours of interior design or bright plastic toys but instead focus on faces, on expression, on the moment.

This portrait of Will, seconds before the bucket fell off his head and back into the bath has everything that I love in a portrait. It tells us so much. For him and for his family, the bath gives us context, this is his granny and grandpa’s house, he will remember this bathroom when he grows up. I’m sure he won’t remember this day, he’s so little it will already feel like forever ago, but there will be years of splashing in this bath, years of visits to their beautiful home to play in the beautiful garden and enjoy entertaining his grandparents with his lively chatter and hilarious antics. Pictures like this will take him back to the place and then to all the memories attached to his grandparents home, the people, the things, the games he will play throughout his childhood.

I have pictures from my grandparents house and a seemingly small detail like the tiled floor in the downstairs bedroom takes me right back to games with my brothers and the magic of the train shed, we all have things we remember and I love the idea that my pictures will add to those memories.

I love Will’s expression in this shot, you can tell he’s sitting so very still, the slight tension in his arms as he tries not to move, not to dislodge his bucket hat. I love how he is looking up at his parents. We can see them in our minds eye, smiling down at their son, proud of his achievements and about to laugh, like he is, when the inevitable happens and with a splash, the bucket falls down. It’s a picture about anticipation of a moment and anticipation of laughter and I love it

I hope you like it too and that you enjoy the clarity that the use of black and white brings to this picture which will, I am sure, be enjoyed for years to come.

Ah, I couldn't resist it, here's the photo of the moment afterwards too!