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Walton-on-Thames Baby Photography - Just one

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As a photographer I’m driven by a need to be creative, to approach things in a slightly different way and to look for compositions that are beyond the norm for the genre. This way I can create images that are completely unique for my clients and, as photographs, transcend the individual and make us think about the universality of childhood. To me, this image, a baby photograph from a recent photo shoot in Walton on Thames in Surrey does that.

We started the photo shoot in one of the spare rooms at the top of the house. Not wanting to wake Theo’s older brother who was still asleep, and avoiding the rain pouring down outside, we had crept through the house, assessing the light in different areas until we settled on the top floor. Fantastic directional light made these rooms a joy to photograph in and Theo was a joy to photograph.

I had started by sitting with my back to the window and photographing Theo in the incredible soft light, his stunning and enormous brown eyes picking up lovely catch-lights from the window above while the limited nature of the window light created beautiful natural vignettes to the images. But after a while I decided to mix things up a bit and use the shape of the room, particularly this little light filled alcove, to create a different type of image.

I love the graphics of this image, the way the light falls straight down onto Theo and then spills out from the window in this light area through the top third of the image while it then falls away so quickly towards the foreground. The darker area at the bottom of the frame and on each side anchors the eye into the image and draws us back to our main subject. I love the columns of light both the alcove itself, the bright walls on each side and these vertical elements echoed by Theo’s arms as he pauses before crawling fast along the floor towards the camera.

I think the sense of space and of scale really adds to the image, giving us a sense of how little Theo still is, only nine months old and yet so full of character. The space makes me think of all the infinite adventures of childhood, adventures still to come as Theo grows up explores the world playing with his wonderful older brother.

I hope you like it too, today’s Just One from my recent family photo shoot in Walton-on-Thames in Surrey.

Graphic Lines and Patterns in a Portrait of Teenagers

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It’s all about graphic lines on the blog today with this portrait of teenagers Arthur and Honor in their stunning home. I love to work with the architecture of my client’s homes to create images that are visually very different from the norm. I’ve photographed here a number of times over the years and often photographed looking down from the upstairs balcony but it’s usually been a documentary image, photographing the children at play during one of their amazing childhood birthday parties. I’d not used this angle for a portrait and I was keen to give it a try.

One of the lovely things about photographing teenagers and older children is how much it becomes a collaboration – different ideas from me and from them, we try them all to see what works best. I love photographing things that are particularly important to older children, their hobbies and interests and I love how they will often be more than happy to let me work on an image to get things just right.

With this image the challenge was getting far enough over the bannisters to get the leading lines just right and the angles on the carpet square without toppling over myself, or getting my feet in shot – a wide angle 24mm lens was definitely called for!

I love it as it’s so nice to take a picture that is a bit different. All the lines and patterns work together so well - the bold diagonals of the bannisters, the subtle lines of the upstairs carpet and the dramatic patterns of the hallway rug, all combine in an image that is busy but not overpoweringly so. The light on the children’s faces is stunning and I love how relaxed they look, chilled out together as they wonder what the crazy photographer is actually doing.

We had a great time taking this, and many other family photographs, and I will share some more soon. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this, today’s Just One from my recent photo shoot with teenagers and older children.

Outdoor Newborn and Family Photography Greenwich - Just One

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As regular readers will know I’m often drawn to movement in my images. Childhood is often encapsulated best in a burst of speed as children rush around, full of excitement and wonder, from one activity to the next. I love using that energy within my compositions. With this picture, from Jason’s recent family photo shoot in Blackheath and Greenwich, I used movement within a family photograph and I think it works really well.

Jason had contacted me to arrange a photo shoot for his two children, three year old Emily and his newborn daughter Charlotte. I love photographing newborns and I particularly love it when there are older siblings involved as I really enjoy the energy and unpredictability older children bring to a photo shoot, it’s what makes my job so much fun seeing what games we will play and bringing all the family together into images that are completely unique and really tell a story.

As with most newborn photo shoots we did the majority of the pictures indoors in Jason’s beautiful Blackheath home. For newborns it’s lovely to take pictures indoors where they can snuggle happily on their parents bed and where we can see just how tiny they are. I’ll share some of those soon. In the meantime I was drawn straight to this image when choosing a Just One. We had decided mid-morning to head out to Greenwich Park for some pictures, as this is a favourite place for the family. This tree in particular is a regular haunt, a place where Emily loves to play, climbing up and jumping off as well as running around. I was thrilled to take our family photographs here as when looking back on this image the family will have so many memories attached to this area in the park – memories that are sure to make them smile as the years go by.

Finding a nice spot for Jason and Lynn to sit with beautiful baby Charlotte I then watched what Emily was up to. Seeing that she was enjoying running around I decided to make this the key element of my photograph. I slowed my shutter speed right down to capture her blur of movement as she dashed past the camera, engaged in her own world and having a whale of a time.

I love how this picture tells us so much about these different ages of childhood, tiny Charlotte, held protectively in her parent’s arms, sleeping soundly all snug and warm. And then a three year old running through the scene - full of energy and excitement, exploring the world and on the go all the time. Next time I see the family the girls will be interacting and playing together, enjoying all the fun that siblings bring and possibly both running around (or maybe crawling for Charlotte), fast as fast can be, exploring the world together on one of what I’m sure will be many adventures that they will share.

I hope you like todays’ Just One, this creative approach to family portrait photography with a newborn and a three year old in Greenwich in South London. If you would like to book your own session then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Relaxed Portrait of Older Children and Teenagers - Just One

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I’m photographing more teenagers than ever as I have been photographing children and families professionally for over thirteen years. The children I first met as tiny babies are at secondary school and discussions about the Charlie and Lola and In the Night Garden have been replaced by discussions of GCSE options and the best books by David Williams and Suzanne Collins. It’s great fun photographing older children and so I was thrilled when Sarah arranged a session for her three children in Kensington in West London.

I was even more thrilled when I arrived to find we knew so many people in common, lots of my regular clients have children at the same school as Sarah’s middle son, it’s always lovely to have friends in common, I know I will have a brilliant time.

We had such an excellent morning. The kids were absolutely brilliant and so relaxed in front of the camera. We started with a trip to Holland Park and began in the playground to get everyone relaxed – at 8am there was nobody else there and so we piled all three children onto the zip-wire and the giant swing to get some great action shots.

Exploring the park we had such fun and it was lovely to have the family dog with us too – Bolly had a great time playing with the children and chasing her ball. I loved chatting and hearing about the children’s lives. Hannah had just finished her first year at boarding school and I loved hearing about it all – especially the all important subject of ‘Tuck’ which always seemed so important from Malory Towers and the wonderful new Murders Most Unladylike series.

After the park we came back home for cake and tea and to take some pictures indoors. The children showed me their bedrooms and we chilled out in the drawing room for a while. I chose this image as a just one as it really encapsulates so much about being a teenager. Just chilling out with siblings, no longer always playing with toys but instead lazing about and chatting. I love how Lucas is balanced on the back of the sofa, it used to be my favourite place too, especially as it was forbidden ‘you will break the sofa’ my parents would cry, I’m not sure if it was really allowed here either, but that’s all part of the appeal.

I’m so pleased with this picture, one of so many great shots from this wonderful session with these incredibly cool children. I’ll share some more in due course, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy this picture from my recent family session with older children and teenagers in Kensington in West London.

For more pictures do take a look at my gallery of

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Chelsea Baby Photography - a Battersea Park shoot - Just One

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This expression strikes me as wonderful which is why I have chosen this image for my ‘Just One’ from our recent baby photography session in Chelsea and Battersea Park.

I had arrived at Maria’s stunning Chelsea flat nice and early so we could get the best of the weather and also to take advantage of the park when it was nice and empty – at this time of year the crowds come out so early and so arriving at the park by 8.30 was just perfect. It was just the us and the dog walkers, we even beat the fitness classes to the bandstand!

I love Battersea Park as a location for family photography, it’s got such wonderful variety from the incredibly bandstand - which is one of the most picturesque in London - to the lovely garden areas, the stunning water features and the path down by the Thames. It’s a brilliant spot. We had decided to start our session at the park and then, mid-morning, head home for some pictures in the flat and it worked perfectly.

This picture is from the beginning of our session when we were having a play on the bandstand in Battersea Park. I was taking pictures of Svante as he explored, crawling around and seeing what he could find. As he headed towards the edge we all got closer (it’s always so important that we consider safety first at all times) but Maria assured me that he was great at getting up and down the steps on his own. I was incredibly impressed to see how well he climbed at such a young age, with great control going up and down.

This shot was taken before he did his first decent and I just love the expression, that little grin as he seems to say ‘ha, you don’t think I can do this because I’m a tiny baby, but I can and I will show you how well I can’ and he could and he did. I was so impressed.

I also love the framing of this image. I had to get down really low to get this angle, lying on the ground at the bottom of the steps and looking up at Svante. Ensuring that he was completely symmetrical within the bandstand itself to make a perfectly balanced image but also making sure to see a bit of his leg in shot so he doesn’t look as if he is growing up out of the ground. It’s an angle I’ve not seen when photographing a baby on one of London’s bandstands and I’m always pleased when I take a picture that’s completely unique – it’s something I aim for on all my family photo shoots.

We had a brilliant time and I’ll share some more pictures from our fantastic session in due course, but in the meantime I hope you like this, today’s Just One from my baby and family session in Chelsea and Battersea Park.