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Family Photography in Islington N1

Posted in Family at 12:00 on 30/09/2015

family photography in islington n1

It’s such a pleasure to share these children and family portraits from a recent photo shoot in Islington in North London with you today.

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Debbie and her lovely family three time before and this, our fourth family photo shoot was even better than the others. It’s wonderful to see children grow up over time, to keep visiting and become a regular fixture in the family calendar. I love chatting to the children, seeing what they are up to at school and which games and activities spark their interests at each different age. Some hobbies are clearly here to stay and some are passing phases. Who knows which will be the ones they define themselves by as they grow up?

It was a beautiful day when I arrived, nice and early as always, at Debbie’s Islington home. We were soon off to the park, stopping on the way for coffee and croissants to give everyone plenty of energy. We went to a nearby garden square in Islington for our photos, a location the children love where we had taken pictures on our second session back in 2010. It always amazes em how you can return to the same place but have such different days. The ages of the children make a great difference of course, but even if you were to go with the same children two days in a row, I believe you would have a totally different photo shoot. This is one of the things I love about lifestyle location photography; it’s so much fun and one day is always completely different to the next.

We had great fun in the square, playing the girls favourite games, including hide and seek and a thrilling game of tag. Debbie and Gerry had to try to lure the girls away from ‘home-y’, out to the grass where they could be made ‘It’. It was so funny to see the girls laughing hysterically as they were tempted into danger by their parents who thought it was hilarious. ‘No, I won’t get you, I promise, look at this daisy I’ve found, would you like to see it?’ It was tremendous fun. The square was also a great spot for the girls to show off their scooting, round and round, faster and faster. Perhaps motor racing will be a career choice later on.

When we felt we had exhausted the options for children’s and family photography in the square, we headed over to Highbury Fields. Sometimes, with the smaller squares and parks you tend to find in Islington, it’s fun to go to more than one location. This provides a wider range of photo opportunities. I’m never in a rush and always happy to visit more than one park in the quest for more exciting and innovative portraits for the families I am lucky enough to photograph.

We had a great time at Highbury Fields, the girls showing me all their favourite spots for playing. The light was beautiful in the ‘fairy glade’ near the playground and the pictures of the girls running through the trees are just lovely.

As the girls began to tire after our wonderful active morning, we headed home. We had promised to do some pictures in their special party dresses, and it was lovely to photograph inside the beautiful house. We ended up with some lovely shots of the girls playing the piano and lying, in perfect pose, on their parents bed for a formal shot for the mantlepiece. They were so brilliant to photograph, so much fun and perfectly behaved all morning.

As a treat and a thank you for their wonderful modelling, we finished with some jumping on the bed. The girls, now wearing their favourite onesies, shrieked delightedly at seeing how high they could go. It was the perfect end to a perfect morning, and I left everyone tired and happy knowing, we had a fantastic set of children and family portrait photographs from all around Islington.

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

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family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

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family photography in islington n1

family photography in islington n1

Family photography with teenagers in London

Posted in Teenagers at 09:00 on 28/09/2015

Today I’m thrilled to share these lovely images from a shoot with teenage children on the Southbank in London.

Sophie contacted me as she was keen to have pictures taken of the children as a surprise for her husband’s birthday. There was just one day when everyone would be together in London, and luckily I was free. So we booked it in and I looked forward to meeting everyone for our portrait session.

We decided to start very early so that there would be less crowds as Sophie was keen to have some pictures that took in some of the famous landmarks around St Paul’s and the Millennium Bridge. Clearly the children were a touch shell shocked by our 8am meeting, but with coffee to hand we set off. They were an absolute blast, so much fun, and I was thrilled to discover that Juliette was studying medieval literature and looking at many of the books I had written about during my MPhil at Cambridge. It was many years ago now, and I fear I have forgotten most of it, but still it was lovely to be discussing Chrétien de Troyes and the grail legends while walking in the sunshine.

Mathilde was choosing her university and it was really interesting to hear how the process was going, what she was looking for in the different towns and the courses that sounded most interesting. It’s funny looking back and remembering those days, the university prospectuses arriving each morning and the postman silently cursing myself and my friend Gracie, two doors down. Both of use seemed to receive heavier packages each day. I’m sure it’s all done online now, and postman around the country must have considerably less painful backs.

Vincent was hilarious, so fun and full of laughter, making his older sisters giggle with his antics. I love the picture of him jumping from the benches outside the Tate Modern, happy to try again and again jumping higher and higher each time until I got the perfect mid-air pose.

We had a great time taking pictures all along the Southbank. And it was wonderful to use the skate park, as we were so early there was nobody there. The light was incredible and the graffiti made such an interesting backdrop.

I think my favourite pictures were taken on the banks of the Thames and under the walkways of the Southbank. Stunning lighting and fascinating perspectives made for wonderful portraits that reminded me of album covers rather than traditional family portrait photographs.

We finished outside the Festival Hall with this last shot taken in one of the summer art installations, a strange plastic space with perfect eye-sized holes. I love to use all the different things we come upon when we’re out and about, and London has so many interesting locations and quirky elements that can make really striking portraits. It’s a wonderful place for family photographs and pictures with teenage children.

I hope you enjoy looking at today’s blog post. Do get in touch if you would like to arrange your own session.

































Family photography in Sevenoaks in Kent

Posted in Family at 09:46 on 26/09/2015

A beautiful day in beautiful Kent, the garden of England, photographing beautiful girls. I’m so thrilled to share these images with you today from a really lovely family photo shoot in Sevenoaks.

Stephanie got in touch after finding me on Google and recognising a friend of hers who I’d done two sessions with in the past. I love what a small world it is! Trusting her friend’s recommendation, Stephanie booked a family portrait session at her home in Sevenoaks and I’m so glad she did - we had such a great time.

Stephanie met me at the station bright and early and reaching the house we were greeted at the door by her daughters. I don’t think I’ve ever seen three such big grins and happy laughing faces. The girls were excited about having their pictures taken and welcoming me into their lives for the day. I knew were were going to have a fantastic time when, over a cup of coffee, they showed me pictures of their ponies, chatting non-stop about riding and their ponies’ different skills. It was so interesting. I’ve read a lot of books about ponies and I was roughly able to keep up with them. They were wonderful at answering all my questions.

We decided on beautiful Knole park for our family photography session. It’s a stunning place that I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few times, and the girls obviously knew it well and loved it. The light was wonderful and I was thrilled to be able to make good use of it. The shot of the girls running through the forest with the stunning back lighting illuminating them with glorious halos is a real favourite or mine.

We visited their favourite spots - the picnic tree that has so many memories attached and made a perfect setting for pictures of the girls with Stephanie, all having a lovely time. We played some games, running around and laughing, always a good way to get lovely natural expressions, especially as children get older. All three girls were stunningly beautiful and it was such a pleasure to photograph them all.

After a while we headed home for some pictures in the garden and, most importantly, pictures with the beloved family dog who was thrilled by it all, and posed happily while having his tummy tickled. It was such good fun and I loved working out different angles for all my pictures to create a lovely and varied selection of images for Stephanie and her children.

Our last stop was the ponies. This wasn’t in the original plan, but we thought it would be shame not to include them; they are clearly such an important part of the family. We had talked of little else morning and it would have felt strange not to have met them for myself after hearing so much. We made a quick visit to the stables and I was thrilled to photograph the girls there. Stephanie explained that she has lots of pictures of the girls riding from the competitions that they enter so we took a different type of picture, capturing them with the ponies looking relaxed and happy, and showing the strength of the bond between them.

It was a wonderful way to end a wonderful photo shoot and I’m so thrilled with all the pictures from our family photography session in Sevenoaks. I do hope you will enjoy looking at them. If you would like to arrange your own photo shoot for this autumn, do get in touch. We have some weekends available in October and November and a few slots in October half term. We’d love to hear from you!






































Newborn and Family Photography in Barnes SW13 - Just One

Posted in Just One at 10:02 on 25/09/2015

newborn baby and family photography in barnes sw13

What makes a family photograph special? I think it’s capturing a unique relationship and the love between parents and children, and between siblings. I’m very pleased with this image, which I think captures all these things.

Anne-Marie contacted me earlier in the summer to arrange a session for when her new baby arrived and I’d been really looking forward to it, especially after I discovered she was a friend of my cousin and his wife – a small world! I knew we’d have a brilliant time taking newborn and family photographs at her home in Barnes.

Baby Hugo arrived on schedule and our session went ahead as arranged. With newborn shoots there’s always flexibility to move them forward or back if your baby is early or late but it’s best to get something in the diary before the birth as otherwise those first few weeks fly by in a daze and we miss the chance for all the lovely snoozy shots. If you are thinking of a newborn shoot and are unsure of how it all works. do contact me and I’ll fill you in with all the information you need.

But back to our session. I arrived early to find everyone in great spirits. Anne-Marie’s daughter was shy at first, but within minutes was aching to get involved, showing off her baby brother for a few pictures before we even got as far as breakfast! Be prepared I always say. Sometimes the most magical shots come within moments of walking through the door. We have some lovely shots of the children together from those first few minutes which I will share next time. It’s always fun to get the suspense going!

Then breakfast for everyone and the session properly began. We had a great time taking pictures in different rooms and making sure to get a selection of images of the children, family shots and beautiful pictures of Hugo. The pictures really capture this time that passes by so quickly, when he is a tiny baby. Even now, a week later, as I write this blog post he will have grown so much.

The shot I’m sharing today, my just one, is a family shot that I absolutely love. I took a whole sequence of shots of the family sitting in the window and all are beautifully light and capture such sweet moments. This is, I think, my favourite. I love the peace of it, the look of bliss on everyone’s faces as the family are joined by a kiss. Could you get a more lovely moment, everyone joined by the holding hands? The parents’ head and the line down from Anne-Marie’s hair through Hugo’s arms and then back to the top of James’ head describe a perfect heart shape. I’d pretend that was intentional, but I think it was just luck, or possibly the brain taking on things subconsciously, which is the luck borne of practice and experience. Either way, I couldn’t be happier with this shot and I hope you will love it too, today’s just one from my newborn and family photography session in Barnes.

Family photography in Surrey - Just One - Thomas

Posted in Just One at 12:36 on 23/09/2015


I was drawn to the light in this image and thought it would make a lovely just one from my recent children and family photography in Surrey. This was my twelfth shoot with Jennifer and her wonderful family, and I’d been looking forward to the session for months. We always have such a brilliant time.

Over the years, we have explored so many different places in London on photo shoots. We’ve been to so many lovely parks from Regent’s Park and Holland Park to Kew and Fulham Palace. We’re always exploring and finding new places to take our family photographs.

The children are always such fun to photograph. They know me well now and are always eager to get a game going. We had a brilliant time on our photo shoot, exploring the gardens, running around, looking at the flowers and examining the building (mostly the wrought iron gates - who doesn’t enjoy a good gate?)

This picture was taken towards the end of the session at the edge of one of the stunning courtyards. Thomas had been lifted up to look out the window and I knew as soon as I saw this incredible light that it would make a really dramatic picture. I love how it wraps around him showing all the details of his little hands and his beautiful profile.

I love that the image is very graphic, with the three strips of light divided by the decorative window panes. It gives a really interesting feel to the image. It’s all about lines and shapes, everything straight and graphic. This provides a wonderful contrast to the softness of the light on Thomas’s little cheeks, his soft hands and even the drape of the wool on his jumper. It’s a fantastic contrast.

The faded graffiti anchors this picture in the present, but I still think the scene is timeless and universal, a small boy looking out at the action outside. I can imagine children having done that for generations. I’m sure they’ll continue to do so for generations to come. A timeless image and one I love, today’s just one from our children and family photography session in Surrey.