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Portrait of a Child Painting, Warwick Avenue, London

Posted in Just One at 17:02 on 30/10/2017


I’ve always been fascinated by children at play and I think that is what draws me to this beautiful portrait taken on a recent family photography session in Warwick Avenue in London. This was our third family portrait session and I had been really looking forward to it, knowing a relaxed vibe would lead to some really interesting opportunities for photographs that really capture family life.

I find that my photo shoots often span a variety of moods as a morning progresses, sometimes children can be shy initially before warming up to the camera. There can be moments of wild over excitement and boisterous games, and also quiet contemplation and activities that allow for concentration and a really beautiful quiet mood to the photographs. It’s so lovely to have both and I always aim to get a lot of variety in my images from each and every photo shoot.

After some outdoor play, running around the garden and playing hide and seek - we came inside to warm up. Atti was keen to do some painting, clearly a favourite activity and her table was already in the perfect position by the French windows. I knew the light would be divine and so I positioned myself and waited for the perfect moment where gesture and expression would come together in a beautiful image.

I love the little details, the mug labeled for the ‘Atti Team’ with Mama and Pappi and that split second as the tip of the brush touches the paint set. I love the soft light and the illumination of her profile and that wonderful look of concentration on her face.

Pictures like this will stand the test of time because they are so natural, they tell us about a child and their favourite activities. They give us a sense of time and also of place, which is so important in memories. I love that we can see the table and chairs in the nook by the window, a spot that is the perfect size for a two year old and which, I’m sure, when Atti is older she will look back on with fondness as the place she used to play.

Family Photography in Regent's Park - Roundabout

Posted in Just One at 17:49 on 27/10/2017


It was a perfect autumn morning for my family photo shoot with Olga in London’s beautiful Regent's Park. I have been photographing the family annually since 2006 and it’s always such a pleasure to see everyone again and update the family album.

We had a brilliant time and I think it might have been one of our best ever sessions, it’s been so hard to choose a Just One to feature on the blog today but in the end I kept coming back to this picture of the twins in the playground. Lovely relaxed and natural photographs are always so much fun to take and this picture, taken in the playground while the children enjoy themselves, is typical of the kind of family activity that will have been so much part of life growing up and yet, as the twins get older might be a smaller part of our photo shoots in the future. I hope we have a few years of playgrounds in us yet though, I’m 38 and I still love a swing!

I’ve always been fascinated by speed in photographs – showing movement and freezing action in different measures, using different shutter speeds to create different effects. For this picture I used a slow shutter speed to create this interesting family portrait. The children, sitting still as we whizzed around on the roundabout together, perfectly sharp in focus as, although we were moving at speed, the distance between the twins and the camera remained the same and by sitting still we froze the moment in this photograph. The opposite effect occurs with their parents – a blur of movement as they push us faster and faster, caught on camera as we spin past. I love the effect, fast and slow and yet everyone connected in a perfectly balanced composition.

Taking inventive and creative family portrait photographs is what motivates me, making sure I produce the very best pictures for my clients, pictures that are innovative and unique and that capture a moment in time and the joys of family life. If this is the kind of picture that appeals to you, whether you are based in Regent's Park or elsewhere in London then do get in touch, there are still a few slots available before Christmas and I’d love to hear from you.

Family Photography in Kensington W8 & W11

Posted in Family at 15:58 on 05/10/2017


I first met Marina back in 2011 for a family photography session in Kensington, I can hardly believe that is six years ago and the family has now grown from one child to four children. It was so wonderful to see everyone again for this, our fourth photo shoot, and to record a wonderful day in this fun photo shoot in Kensington. As regular readers will know I’m the youngest of four children myself and so I love photographing big families. There is a great dynamic photographing a family with four children; it’s noisy, chaotic and so much fun. Growing up in a big family I’m not fazed at all but the dynamics of siblings, the mix of fierce protection, strong bonds of love, and often an element of competition as little ones know which buttons to press to wind each other up. This is all part of family life and you can be sure that I will always provide you with fantastic photos of your big family groups as well as all the story-telling images that show your family having fun together.

We had a fantastic morning together, after a few photographs at home while the final bits of breakfast were being eaten and everyone finished getting ready we headed out to the park. I like to start early and often end up with beautiful photographs as the last bits of preparation take place and the children get used to me before the main photo shoot starts. In this case Elijah and the twins had met me a number of times before but I was a new friend for baby David and he took to the camera immediately, enjoying the attention as he played with the musical instruments in the toy box.

We took a few family shots indoors too, the light in Marina’s Kensington home is fantastic and it seemed a great idea to utilise this for a couple of relaxed family groups. Then we headed out and walked the short distance to Kensington Gardens, one of London’s most beautiful parks and a fabulous spot for pictures. It was lovely having space for the four children to run around and beautiful weather was a bonus for this big family group portrait session.

I love the shots of the family together on the hillside, as always I make sure to take some group shots with everyone facing the camera as these shots are so important to have but, the shots I always love the most, and which my clients come back to me for again and again are the pictures that show the interactions and relationships between family members, pictures shot in a photojournalistic style, that record in a documentary fashion the fun of family life. Watching Marina and Stefan show the children how to make grass flutes and seeing how the boys all reacted, trying themselves, talking, laughing, creates such beautiful pictures as do the family football shots, each child showing their personality as everyone is photographed together, but not posing in this lovely example of family photojournalism.

We had such a great time, playing games, rolling down hills, telling jokes. We even ended up doing some boxing as the boys were so mesmerised by a personal training session going on and the coach was kind enough to let them have a go with the gloves, the boys loved it.

We had such a great time and I love how you can really see the personalities of all four boys in the pictures. We have images that show this big family with four children having a wonderful time on their family photo shoot in Kensington.

If you would like to arrange your own photo shoot for a big family or a small one, I love to photograph them all and it would be lovely to hear from you. I’m taking bookings up until Christmas and the autumn does get very booked up so let’s get you into the diary and create some fabulous pictures for your family.

































Luxury London Children's and Family Photography

Posted in Children at 13:41 on 04/10/2017


I offer the very best luxury London children’s portrait photography - images that really capture the essence of your children within exquisite pictures that are beautiful produced, and wonderfully printed.

Here at Helen Bartlett Photography every part of your experience is designed to be effortless, we start with informative emails or a telephone consultation that explains every part of the process (and a full price list published on my website to avoid any surprises). Once booked we move on to incredibly fun photo shoots taken in the comfort of your own home or in the places you love to visit as a family. Our attention to detail works through to your viewing session where, again, we come to you at a convenient time and show you the pictures on a nice big screen and offer suggestions for frame layouts and album designs.

We offer the very best museum quality frames and fine art prints, stunning albums and, if you choose to purchase them the processed digital files are also available, all delivered in a timely manner after your session. At each step of the way I am on the end of a phone or email to answer your questions and it is this attention to detail that means my clients return to me again and again and recommend me to all their friends. I am proud to offer the very best in luxury children’s and family photography from newborns, babies, and younger children through to teenagers and young adults.

This picture, a sneak peek from a recent session encapsulates everything I like to create in my family photography. These brothers having fun in the window of their incredible family home makes a delightful family photograph. I like to utilise the environment and architecture in my pictures, I use the bits of your home that you love the most to create pictures that you will all treasure as the children grow up.

I love the fact that each of the boy’s personality is so clearly visible, the youngest brother ruling the roost and keeping his older siblings in fits of laughter throughout our session. We had such a brilliant time taking this picture in this incredible luxurious London home and I hope you like it as much as I do.

To get a feel for my luxury London child portrait photography, do take a look around the website, you can see Family Photography in Knightsbridge or Newborn Photography in Notting Hill, London’s top postcodes are my usual stomping grounds with Family Photography in Hampstead and Baby Photography throughout London there are so many examples to look at you can be absolutely sure of the very best family photography London has to offer.

If you like what you see then do get in touch, we have some availability over the summer and into the busy autumn season. I’m available via the contact form or by phone on 0345 603 1373 to book in your session.

Get in touch to book a shoot

Baby Photography in Wimbledon

Posted in Babies at 07:11 on 03/10/2017


Before he started his software company my husband Tom was a wedding photographer. It’s always lovely when his clients get in touch to arrange family photography sessions - I love to meet the people who I have heard so much about and it’s always a particular pleasure to see Tom’s photographs on the wall.

I was so pleased to hear from Bingyan and Jing that they had a four month old son and were interested in some family photographs. Tom told me all about them and I knew I would have a really fantastic time and I wasn’t disappointed, we spent such a brilliant morning together.

Little Leo was an absolute cutie with the most incredibly smile. Sixteen weeks is such a lovely time for baby photography and Leo was so keen to show off all his new skills - rolling over and holding his head up while lying on his tummy. Smiling at his parents and his favourite playmate, George the dog was keen to get in on the action and join the photo shoot.

With little ones we always work around their naps as keeping to a routine always makes for the best photo shoots. So, when Leo had his nap we had a cup of coffee and then headed out to nearby Wimbledon Common for some pictures. Wimbledon is such a beautiful spot with amazing backdrops and with the low winter sun we had all the elements that make for brilliant photos.

I always love to make a feature of the environment and so it was fantastic to have the combination of beautiful surroundings and amazing light. Using the light in different ways gives the images such different feels and I love both the misty ethereal feel to the backlit images - the bare winter trees creating a sense of mystery and also the softly illuminated images that are directly lit by the low winter sun. It’s such fun to work in such different ways to create the most interesting pictures for my clients.

Jing had been really keen to get a picture that had the whole family in and so it was really fun making sure I had a selection of interesting compositions that included George the dog. My favourite is the shot with the silver birches in the background - the light was astonishing, illuminating the trees so they looked like something from a fairy tale. It made a perfect backdrop and I’m so pleased that Jing and Bingyan chose this image to have framed as a large print for their wall.

This was a brilliant photo shoot and I do hope you will enjoy looking at these images from my recent Wimbledon family photography session. If you would like to arrange a baby photo shoot for your own family then do get in touch, I’m taking bookings up until Christmas and would love to hear from you.