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Family and Baby Photography in Esher in Surrey

Posted in Family at 09:18 on 29/12/2016


I first met Rob and Taeryn back in 2013 when they lived in South London and I photographed their stunning baby daughter Chiara when she was a year old. I was so excited when Rob emailed to arrange another session, I had such fond memories of our day together and it was wonderful to hear I would be meeting the new addition to the family, baby Evelyn who was looking forward to her first family portrait session, this time, at the families new home in Esher in Surrey.

The day dawned dark and drizzly but was brightened on my arrival by two huge grins from baby Evelyn and Chiara. I was given a cup of coffee in the stunning kitchen/living room, a space flooded with natural light and all thoughts of rain were forgotten.

We had such a great time; both girls are completely natural in from of the camera, no cheesy grins here, just beautiful smiles and soulful eyes. We played by the window and I enjoyed working out how best to use the light, the different backgrounds and the various pieces of furniture to create a really lovely and varied set of images. Photographing indoors is always a fun challenge and I relish the opportunities to take pictures that really reflect the family using their space, these images will have such resonance as the children grow.

While baby Evelyn had her mid morning nap Chiara was keen to show me her playroom and happily got on with her drawing while I worked to get some really lovely photographs. The light was great at the front of the house too; I can see what drew Rob and Taeryn to it.

By the time Evelyn woke up the rain was beginning to lessen and we thought, lets embrace the British weather, and head out anyway. Children are fairly waterproof and I’m always happy to photograph outdoors whatever the weather. We headed to nearby Clermont landscape garden, which I had visited before with another family and had always hoped to go to again. It’s such a fantastic place with so much to do and great areas to explore. I love the shot of Chiara walking down the path into the park, her traditional party dress expertly accessorized with wellingtons and a picnic basket, she reminds me of Little Red Riding hood straight out of the fairy tale.

We had a brilliant time, baby Evelyn thought it was hilarious to be thrown in the air by her daddy and loved sitting in one of the little clear patches in the daffodil field. Both girls loved the dens and we had a brilliant time exploring the witches hut, last time I had visited it had been locked but this time we were able to utilize the wonderful light and I love the feeling of mystery that the reflections create on the images of Chiara that I took looking through the window.

By the time we headed home the weather had taken a turn for the worse and, as is so often the case, some of my favourite pictures are those little natural ‘in between’ images, not formal portraits but the shot of Rob, carrying Chiara on his shoulders, completely hidden by the waterproof picnic rug is an image that will make me smile every time I see it. It sums up so much about childhood, being out and about in different weather and the wonderful selflessness of parents, ensuring their children are safe and happy and dry. It’s a favourite picture from a favourite session.

































Newborn Baby Photography Highbury N6 - Just Two

Posted in Just One at 17:35 on 23/12/2016


This morning was my last photo shoot before Christmas and it was with a spring in my step and a Christmas carol in my heart that I set off for Highbury in North London to see Graham and Rachael and photograph their family. I’d met the family last year when we had spent a wonderful morning together in Clissold Park and so I was thrilled to be returning to meet the latest addition to the family, baby Hamish, for his newborn photo shoot.

I love photographing newborns and even more so when there are older siblings involved, it’s more chaotic for sure but it’s also so much fun. When the door opened I was greeted by two very excited children in their pajamas ‘come and see our baby’ they cried, and in I went to see baby Hamish and then in quick succession and admittedly equal amounts of excitement, their toy rabbits, dinosaurs and snakes. I love the attention span of the under sixes.

As it’s Christmas, and as I love both pictures so much I simply couldn’t choose between them, I am sharing two pictures today – Just Two rather than Just One – a festive treat. I think the picture of the three children is so charming, it’s always a big question whether an older child can hold their younger siblings safely for a photograph and George was amazing, holding his brother so gently for a couple of minutes so I could take this shot of the three children together. I’m always drawn to images that show interaction and I love the fact that the older children have forgotten about me, completely engaged with their brother and counting his tiny toes, they are such a good brother and sister and I know they will have so much fun playing together as they grow up, particularly football as George was keen to explain.

And then I felt I had to share this beautiful portrait of Hamish sleeping soundly toward the end of the session with his mum’s hands gently cradling him, keeping him warm and snug as he snoozes. It’s such a peaceful pictures and seemed a lovely shot to sign off for Christmas on.

I’ll be back in the office on 2nd January. In the meantime, to all my friends, clients and readers, have a fantastic Christmas and a very happy New Year!


Highgate Baby and Family Photography N6

Posted in Babies at 08:33 on 22/12/2016


I was pleased to travel to Highgate in North London, close to my Crouch End home, for Malek’s baby and family photography session recently. Malek had been given my name by another happy client and I was really excited to meet her - I love photo shoots that come via recommendation, as I know I will meet really lovely people.

When I arrived I was greeted by Lea who was keen to start to play straight away and so I got out my camera and joined her for a puzzle while coffee was being made and baby Manon was finishing her breakfast. I love how friendly toddlers are, how keen they are to be friends the moment I walk through the door.

We had a great time playing by the window on the living room floor, Malek explained how this is the spot where the children always play and so she was really keen to have some pictures to record that. Lovely natural photographs which record everyday activities are so important. The living room also had stunning light which made me very happy and it was fun working with it in different ways to achieve different feels to the pictures - I love how light wraps around the children when shooting towards the window.

Then we did some shots upstairs on Malek’s bed. I’ll often do some family shots on the parent’s bed if I’m photographing younger children and babies as it’s a place that children always feel really happy and secure. Babies can roll around and I’m thrilled with the pictures we took and the lovely light feel that they have.

Then it was off to Waterlow Park in Highgate, a fabulous place for family photographs and one that I have only really recently discovered. There’s loads to do and the children love feeding the ducks and playing on the swings. We had such a good time throwing leaves in the air and enjoying a family game of hide and seek.

And then back home for a few last pictures while lunch was cooking. It was such a fun morning, we all had a brilliant time and I’m thrilled with the pictures. I hope you enjoy looking at them and do get in touch if you would like to arrange your own session in North London or elsewhere in the capital, I’d love to hear from you.




































Baby Photography in Crouch End North London - Just One

Posted in Just One at 14:17 on 20/12/2016


Today I’m thrilled to share this image from a recent toddler session in Crouch End in North London. It’s always such a fun job choosing my ‘Just One’, a favourite picture that I feel sums up our photo shoot. I like to choose pictures that speak to me, whether it’s a particularly interesting composition or use of light, a beautiful portrait, or a shot that depicts the relationship between my subjects. This picture spoke to me because of the feeling of joy within the image. I love how Kate and Will are smiling so happily as they play together on the sofa. Their matching smiles so full of love.

We spent a wonderful morning together in Crouch End - we started off out and about in Queens Wood having a run around and playing in the leaves. Will was hilarious, particularly enjoying a commando shuffle down the hill, moving so fast backwards through the leaves. Kate was in fits of laughter as I shuffled down on my tummy photographing as we went along. It was a shame (or a blessing) that Kate’s phone was full and she couldn’t get any video footage or I would have shared that too, it was hilarious.

By mid-morning Will was getting a little tired and it was a bit cold outside so we headed home. I always love to do part of a session indoors as I think it’s so important to have pictures in the home, the details make up so much of a child’s memories, the furniture and the decorations, the toys and the family pets, these are elements that are so lovely to include in pictures.

Black and white photography really comes into it’s own when photographing indoors as we are working with suggestion - brightly coloured elements become tones of grey so we are able to identify those things which will bring back memories without being distracted by the rainbow coloured plastic toys or bright patterned book spines.

I love how this image will bring back memories for Will, both of the fun, laughter and joy of his relationship with his mum but also the details, the chair and the bookcase, which he will remember as he grows older. He will have spent so much time on that chair with his parents, snuggling and giggling and reading books and it’s always lovely to remember our homes, as they were when we were growing up.

All these elements come together to create a photograph that I love - this beautiful mother and baby portrait from my recent toddler session in Crouch End, North London.

North London Baby Photography - Just One

Posted in Just One at 14:22 on 11/12/2016


I’m lucky enough to meet a lot of incredibly cute babies in the course of my work and Raiya is definitely up there among the cutest, a delightful smile and so full of laughter for our baby and family photography session in North London.

When I arrived Raiya had just finished feeding and was raring to go, clearly delighted to meet a new person and very keen to chat. I love how friendly babies are; always keen to welcome a stranger with a massive smile. I thought it would be lovely to share this smile today in my ‘Just One’ blog post as it feels appropriate to this beautiful sunny afternoon.

I do love a classic portrait and I feel that this kind of image will have a place on the wall in the family home for many years to come. It will never date or go ‘out of fashion’, it’s simplicity is it’s strength with the technicalities all working unobtrusively so the focus is all on Raiya’s fabulous expression. The grey background works beautifully here giving a lovely softness to the portrait while the use of a macro lens also brings a lot to this picture allowing a shallow depth of field with the pin sharp detail on Raiya’s eyes contrasting with the softness of her hair as the focus drops off towards the background. I love this effect and feel it really adds to the charm of this picture.

There are so many other great pictures from this baby and family photography session in North London – outdoor photographs from our walk in Alexandra Palace and more pictures from indoors including some lovely Christmas shots with the tree and Raiya’s first stocking. It’s great to get variety to a family’s photographs and mixing indoor and outdoor pictures is a lovely way to achieve this.

I’ll share some more soon, but in the meantime I hope you like this picture, today’s Just One from our baby and family photography session in North London.