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Children’s portrait photography in Beckenham, Kent


I’m thrilled with this set of children and family portrait photographs from my recent shoot in Beckenham, Kent and am very excited to be sharing them with you on the blog today.

We had such a wonderful morning together. I’d met Flynn a few years ago when I’d taken some pictures of him and in the ten years I’ve been working, he’s one of only two children I have known who has gone into children’s modelling. Flynn is astonishing to photograph, an absolute joy. I was so pleased to be going back and to be meeting his younger sister, who sounded like she was going to be hilarious! We had such a great time, the children were so good together and had so much fun. Brogen seemed to be laughing all the time (apart from a couple of hilarious sulky moments, but she even managed to make those completely photogenic and I know they will be pictures that will make the family laugh for years to come).

We went to the local park via the local wood – it’s moments like these that make me realise why people move out of the centre of London. It was a beautiful location and the overcast winter light really worked beautifully, with the trees providing wonderful soft, even light for our photographs.

We fed the birds – in theory the ducks, but in actuality, the pigeons – and then the geese, which created the moment that made some of my favourite shots of Brogen, laughing out loud as the pigeon took her bread and then wary and being protected by Sarah from an inquisitive goose. Children and animals make such great partners in photographs – it’s the unpredictability that I love.

We then headed to the playground and had a great time playing on the swings, the slide (using a towel to dry the slide for photos wasn’t nearly as much fun as pulling each other down on it for a super fast ride) and all kinds of wonderderous climbing apparatus. I do think playgrounds get better all the time especially when, like this one, they have a cafe providing hot, caffeinated drinks to the grown-ups.

After our visit to the playground, it was time for a bit of leaf-kicking and squirrel-feeding before we ambled home tired and happy, only to have a final lease of life back at the house for a game of hide-and-seek in Brogan’s wardrobe.

I’m not sure a day could get any better than this, and I hope you will agree we have a stunning set of photographs from our children and family photography session in Beckenham, Kent.

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