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Family and children’s photographer in Blackheath, South London


Today on the blog we have a series of children’s and family photographs featuring my dear friend Helen and her three wonderful boys, taken at Helen’s parents’ home in Blackheath in South East London. Helen and I have been friends since before we started primary school, and it is one of my great joys that I am able to create a wonderful photographic record of her boys’ childhoods as they grow up, playing the same games Helen and I enjoyed as children and in the same locations. As Helen lives abroad, our photo shoots take place at the boys’ grandparents’ house, which is across the road from where I grew up. It’s always such a treat to be back in Blackheath, especially when it’s to catch-up with Helen and her family.

I’ve never understood the rules of cricket, but I’ve always loved to photograph children playing it. Cricket is a great game to photograph as the nature of the game allows shots to be considered and planned, while the speed and excitement of the action – hitting a ball bowled by Grandpa, or catching Mummy out – leads to wonderful expressions and action shots. I had an absolute blast photographing this game.

We also captured a number of pictures of the boys together, as these are always treasured by parents, grandparents and the children themselves when they are older. I was so pleased with the picture of the three boys on the tractor – it’s the kind of photograph I can imagine baby Olly, as a teenager, finding hilarious when he looks at it with his older brothers. I have similar photographs from my own childhood, with my older brothers balancing me in the oddest of places (and the highest of branches) for a family photo.

I also took a number of pictures of baby Olly with his Daddy while the older boys were playing, and I love the variety of images, from peaceful contemplation to wild laughter as big brother Toby pulls a face. It’s these relationships that I love to photograph, and which make this documentary and lifestyle approach to family portrait photography such a lovely thing to do. The photographs will spark such wonderful memories for the children as they get older.

I hope you enjoy this selection of baby, children and family portrait photographs from our recent photo shoot in Blackheath in South London, and do contact us if you would like to book a photo shoot for your own family – it would be lovely to hear from you.

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