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Child Portrait in Black and White – Just One


I just love this smile. I first met Archie back in February last year when he was eight months old. I spent a wonderful morning with his family at their stunning home in London taking his portrait and pictures with his mummy and daddy. It was a lovely session and so I was thrilled when Sarah contacted me to arrange a follow up this year. It's wonderful to do annual photo shoots, particularly when the little ones are so little – they grow so much so quickly and the milestones pass by in a flash. Having beautiful photographs to remember these fun times is a real joy.

Although rain was forecast, we had a lovely day for our portrait photography session with beautiful soft light. We spent a wonderful few hours out and about exploring, having fun, and taking photos. Archie was a natural in front of the camera for our first session and just as amazing this second time around. We had such a great time.

I chose this beautiful portrait for today's Just One as I love everything about it. I love Archie's expression – his wonderful smile as he looks straight at the camera.

I love the light, soft but still a little directional and the way the shallow depth of field really makes him pop from the background, a lovely tree lined lane that was perfect for photos.

Black and white is, I feel, the perfect medium for family portraits, concentrating on the essence of emotion and expression, showing the personality of my young subjects without distraction. Pictures like this are so lovely in the monochrome format, the background becoming completely free distraction, perfectly complementing this beautiful portrait.

It's a very classic portrait and a very beautiful one and I hope you like it as much as I do.

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