Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Child Portraits in Queens Woods and Priory Park, Crouch End


Since I moved to Crouch End three years ago Queens Woods have become one of my favourite places – both for family photography but also for long walks and early morning runs. We’re so incredibly lucky here in North London to have proper woodland on our doorsteps and I never tire of the trails through the woods, the light in the trees and the different backgrounds they provide for photographs.

Queens Woods are also the perfect place to play and so much fun for a little one. We spent a brilliant morning building dens, collecting sticks and sword fighting. I love how the woods provide so much scope for the imagination – a den can be a cave, or a car, or a spaceship – the possibilities are endless and each child will bring something different to the game, a new idea or element that we can run with in creative and imaginative play. And of course, for the photographer, there is nothing more fun to photograph than a child involved in a game or activity especially when I get to join in the games too.

After a picnic snack towards the end of the morning we changed location for a few photographs in Crouch End’s priory park on our way home. This resulted in some lovely images with a slightly different feel. I particularly love those where Will is climbing inside one of the dense bushes and the final shot of, what I think could be called, sandpit diving!

It was a brilliant day and I’m so pleased with the pictures. I hope you like them from this recent children’s portrait photography session in Queens Woods and Priory Park, Crouch End.

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