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Children’s and baby photography in Kensington, London W11


Golly, we had a fun-packed adventure during our children’s and baby photography session in Kensington with Ben and Thomas, it was such fantastic fun!

We started our morning at the park, climbing on some of the wonderful wooden structures that fill children’s playgrounds nowadays. Ben had a lovely time on the climbing wall and really enjoyed having a good run around. Thomas loved the swings, giggling away in his technicolour fleece coat – Joseph himself would have been proud of that one.

Then we headed to the fabulous museums in Kensington to have a look at the dinosaurs. Unfortunately, after a few minutes looking at model sharks (what’s not to love), the crowds became unworkable and a bit too much for Ben, so we gave up on that idea and headed back outside. Sometimes you have an idea and it just doesn’t work, but this is what is fun about children and family photography – it’s what makes it exciting, the fact that I never know what we will do, what the children will enjoy (or not), and what we will end up doing. I do know we will always end up with lovely pictures no matter what we do so I’m always happy to go with the flow, and I’m sure this relaxed attitude is why we have such a fun time on my children and family photo shoots.

After some discussion, we decided that sandwiches were the key (and they were, if you ever get the chance for a sandwich from La Cave a Fromage on Cromwell Place then jump at it, my mouth is watering just thinking about it) and munching our delicious baguettes, we walked up to Kensington Gardens to explore and to have a play on the pirate ship, which Ben was very excited about indeed. We had a lovely walk across the park, photographing as we went, and then enjoyed the playground which as you may know is a real favourite of mine for children and family portrait photographs.

It was a lovely day and we have such a fun, varied selection of pictures. I do hope you enjoy looking at this selection from our baby and children’s photography session in Kensington, London W11.

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