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Children’s and family photography at Kew Gardens


Today’s blog post is from my ninth shoot with Olga and her beautiful family, and this year we went to Kew Gardens – a fabulous location for children and family photography. As you will be able to tell from the images, we visited close to Halloween and Kew looked amazing with some of the most incredible displays of pumpkins I have ever seen – the twins were particularly fascinated by the pumpkin island in the middle of the lake in one of the glass houses. I do love how Kew Gardens always has new things to capture the imagination, it’s a brilliant place.

As we often do at a busy park, we headed pretty much straight away to the playground so the children could get used to me taking pictures while their attention was elsewhere and, most importantly, we would have the playground to ourselves. I always arrange to get to venues like Kew the minute they open to take photographs as things can get very crowded later on. As it was, we had the playground entirely to ourselves. The children shot up the climbing frames and down the wonderful big slide. They went on the swing and explored the latticework tunnel (which I imagine will be incredible in a few years when it is fully grown, in the meantime it made a brilliant spot for a really interesting photograph). It was great fun and just lovely to see the twins laughing together and having such fun.

Then we went off to explore to gardens, as there is so much to do and see at Kew. I’ve been so many times and each time I find something different or a corner I didn’t know existed. We found an amazing Palladian building that the children enjoyed exploring, particularly as it echoed which is always fun.

We found some strange looking fruits scattered all over the ground – perfect for football and juggling – and then we headed to the woodland walkway – which is always fantastic – before heading back via the aquarium and the biggest pile of leaves to throw I’ve seen all year.

All in all, it was a perfect morning – a wonderful morning spent with such a wonderful family. I’m thrilled with the pictures and I hope you will enjoy looking at them, a few favorites from our children and family photography session with twins in Kew Gardens

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