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Children’s and family photography in Fulham


Today’s blog post comes from my children’s and family portrait photography session with Richard, Nicola and their beautiful children in Fulham in London. It’s always such a treat to visit a family year-after-year and see the children grow up and their personalities develop. These two are such fun little characters.

It was a beautiful autumnal morning – cold and crisp, and wonderfully bright. We were on a tight schedule as the children had to be at a party at lunchtime so we were in the park and shooting away before 8am! It’s such a wonderful time to be out and about – the world seems so clean and new at that time of day, and the parks are empty save for the odd dog walker and jogger. Perfect!

We had a great time at Bishop’s Park in Fulham, which is a wonderful spot for children and family portrait photographs. We ran around, found sticks, looked at the ducks, played in the playground, chased bubbles and did some balancing to name just a few things. It was a fabulous morning and I am thrilled with the pictures.

I hope you enjoy looking at this selection of children and family portrait photographs from Bishop’s Park in Fulham, London. If you would like me to capture some pictures of your own family, please contact me – I would be delighted to hear from you.

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