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Children and Family photography in Battersea Park in London


I was so pleased to visit Clare and Sebastian to photograph their lovely family in Battersea Park in London. I first met Clare and Sebastian almost nine years ago when I had just started my portrait photography business and I photographed Harry when he was about four months old, golly how he has grown (as has the family)!

We were lucky to have a beautiful day for our family photo shoot in Battersea park in London, and we headed out early to avoid the rush. Arriving at Battersea Park bright and early meant that we started the day with the playground to ourselves, always a bonus for children’s photography and great fun for the kids as there are no queues for the swings.

We spend some time sailing the pirate ship and driving the train before heading out into the rest of Battersea Park in London for some family photographs and portraits of the children in a less ‘concrete’ setting (while I love a good playground shot as much as the next photographer you don’t want to spend all morning there).

We found the garden in the centre of Battersea Park to be perfect – enclosed so you can’t loose the children in a game of hide and seek while big enough for some serious running around (and some sneaky places to hide of course). I did wonder what passers by must have thought as I stood, cameras hanging by my side, hands over my face shouting ’38, 39, 40. Coming ready or not…’. We had such a good time and it made for beautiful portrait photographs of the children, both on their own and together as we took it in turns to hide and seek.

After that we found some open space – one of the things that makes Battersea Park in London such a great location for children and family photography is the different areas within the park – for a game of football and a few final photographs before home for lunch and a nap.

A wonderful time was had by all and I am thrilled with the results. I hope you like these children and family portrait photographs from Battersea Park in London as much as I do.

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