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Children and Family Photography in Greenwich Park


I’m thrilled to share a wonderful family portrait session from last year on the blog today – children’s photography in Greenwich Park. I knew immediately Caroline got in touch that we would get along well, she sounded so lovely over email and I was thrilled to discover the family lived only moments from my mum. I could got to Blackheath the night before, take my mum out for pizza and walk to work the next day – perfect!

The day was perfect too, dawning warm and bright and I packed my cameras into my rucksack and set off for the park. I love South London and walking over Blackheath in the early morning light was a wonderful start to the day. At the park I was greeted with two infectious grins as the boys scooted towards me, keen to start their photo shoot.

I love Greenwich and know the park very well, it was where I learnt to ride a bike and where I trained for my first marathon. I’ve climbed the trees and spent hours in the bandstand, both as a child running around and then in my teens in various school concerts (so many years playing the steel pans!) I always love to go back.

We had a wonderful morning. The boys had so much energy and had a lovely time running around and playing while I looked for the best angles to photograph from. As always, paying great attention to the light and to use the environment and this fabulous location to its best advantage. I love the pictures of the boys being thrown in the air, they look like superheroes (it’s not often I’m tempted to photoshop on a superhero cloak but I admit it has crossed my mind here!)

Caroline had bought all the boys favourite things with them so we had so much to do, the boys loved the bubbles, and the scooters are clearly the best thing ever. I imagine that it must be amazing being a twin, always having someone to play, and race scooters, with. The boys zipped along happily and it made for wonderful portrait photographs.

I loved seeing their variations on different games – sleeping bunnies became rugby lions and involved more chasing, an improvement on the original I think.

We finished up building dens in the area near the deer park – thinking about it now I have no idea of it’s real name, as a child it was the squirrel walkways to me. It’s great that there are now logs to climb on and dens to build, a great addition. Every year I am struck anew by the ways London’s fabulous parks add more and more things for children to do, areas where they can let their imagination run wild and create their own games while out in the fresh air.

It was a perfect morning and I hope you agree we have a stunning set of pictures to enjoy.

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