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Children’s and family photography in Oxford


Being based in London for the majority of my work as a children’s photographer, I often find that my clients move out of the city at some point – often in the search for bigger houses and larger gardens that can be hard to find in the city. I first met Natasha and her eldest two boys a couple of years ago, when they were living in the heart of Notting Hill, one of my favourite places to shoot. I was thrilled to hear from Natasha again and I was, of course, delighted to be asked to travel to Oxford to see their new house and meet their youngest son, who is now two.

We had an amazing time, as both sets of grandparents joined us for different parts of the shoots and also Auntie Lou, who was – I have to say – the star of the show. As an Aunt myself, I know what a wonderful relationship that is.

We had a great time taking natural fun portrait of the children, at home and also out and about in Oxford. We even went to see the T-Rex, which was about as exciting as any photo shoot I have ever done before.

It was a wonderful day, and I hope you will enjoy this great set of pictures from our children’s and family portrait photography shoot in Oxford

Meeting the T-Rex!

Looking at the exhibits with Dad

Playing hide and seek

And a great family portrait to finish this set of children’s and family photographs taken in Oxford

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