Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Children’s photography on Filey Beach


Today’s images are from one of those cold, blustery British days at the seaside that I am sure many of us remember from growing up and holidaying in the UK. My childhood memories of holidays seem to be made up of a lot of trips to stately homes (only good bit being rolling down the hills on the manicured lawns) and visiting the graves of long-gone relatives. My parents assure me this isn’t true at all and that the grave hunting only happened the once, but I’m not convinced!

I do remember lots of days on the beach though, my childhood beach was Studland in Dorset but today’s shoot was in Filey in Yorkshire, a beach that I have become very fond of in the last three years. It was a cold, wet day but we headed out to the beach anyway and I am thrilled with these family pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

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