Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Children’s photography in Surrey


I love watching families grow up and expand and so I was delighted to be contacted by Rachel to come back and visit her family again and take some pictures of her baby daughter Lara. We first met back in 2009 when Guy was just a baby and so it was a real pleasure to see how he had grown up and meet his little sister.

It was lovely to travel out to beautiful Surrey to take the family photographs on location at Rachel’s house. We ran around the garden and played indoors – even in the ‘grown ups sitting room’ which was very exciting for the children.

The children were such fun to photograph and we got lots of beautiful portraits of each child as well as the action shots which I love so much.

This timeless portrait of Guy is a particular favourite

I always love to have a relaxed feel to my family portraits – children running around, being thrown in the air, things that make them laugh out loud with joy make for wonderful photographs

When in doubt, eat the chair!

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