Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Children’s portrait photography at Alexandra Palace near Crouch End, North London


As a London-based family, child and baby photographer, I always enjoy visiting Crouch End and Muswell Hill in North London to capture fun and relaxed family pictures. I was thrilled to arrange a date with Dawn and Michael to photograph their beautiful daughter Ava at the majestic Alexandra Palace (known locally as Ally Pally) near to Crouch End and Muswell Hill.

The day before our portrait session, I kept my fingers firmly crossed for the weather – I really wanted the photographic holy grail of enough snow for a beautiful snowy pictures, but not so much snow as to disrupt the whole of London’s transport system! But we were very lucky and it was a glorious day.

Ava had encountered snow for the very first time the week before and so, while still a bit nervous about the whole thing, was starting to enjoy the experience. We had lots of fun during our family photo shoot – we made snowballs, did a bit of sledging down the fantastic slopes surrounding Ally Pally and went to look at the ducks on the frozen pond.

It was a great opportunity for children’s portrait photography and we all had a lovely morning. I do hope you will enjoy these snowy family photographs from our shoot in Alexandra Palace, North London.

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