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Children’s Portrait Photography in Hertfordshire


Today on the blog I want to share one of my favourite sessions from last year (I’ve got a little behind on the blog, it was a very busy year last year). This was a session from high summer with the wonderful Christian and Gabriella at their beautiful home in Hertfordshire.

The children’s mother, Victoria, had heard about me from one of her great friends who is a regular client of mine and I was so pleased when she rang up and booked a session, I knew we were going to have a fantastic time. We had a beautiful day for our photo shoot and I jumped on an early train up into Hertfordshire. Arriving at the house for a quick cup of coffee, the children were already playing outside, keen to get started and having chosen their wonderful outfits – Gabriella’s dress in particular was absolutely perfect for photographs.

The children were keen to show me around their amazing garden and it really was one of the most beautiful I have seen. We started off in the woods, which was a perfect setting with beautiful soft light. I love the pictures of the children playing and particular the fairy take feel to images of Gabriella running through the trees, her white party dress taking on a mythical feel, I could be photographing Cinderella rushing home from the ball.

We explored the beautifully landscaped secret garden and were lucky enough to have the most perfect light and then it was on to the orchard for tree climbing and a few more formal pictures of the children together. The trees made the perfect setting for these images and the children, laughing and smiling happily, the perfect subjects.

We took a couple of shots inside as we had a break for chocolate biscuits. Then it was Nerf guns at the ready and back outside. From Nerf guns to cars and I was thrilled to take some pictures of Christian in his new go-cart, possibly the coolest birthday present ever. He shot around the garden while I panned the camera to make sure I really captured the speed.

We finished with some pictures of the children swimming – I love photographing children in pools, the fun is infectious and we had a great time with the kids jumping in and playing games while I took photographs.

It was the most wonderful morning and I’m so thrilled with the pictures. I do hope you enjoy looking at them.

If you are interested in booking a family photography session for your family this year then do get in touch as time flies by and there’s never a better time than today to arrange your family photographs.

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