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Children’s portrait photography in Wimbledon


I was thrilled to hear from Kate and arrange a morning to take some portrait photographs of her children in Wimbledon. This is the third time I have photographed Kate’s family, and I knew we would have a fantastic time out and about taking family photographs on Wimbledon Common.

I met Kate and the children at their home before heading to Canizaro House for the first part of the shoot. We explored the wonderful gardens, playing ‘gun, gun’ in the walled garden, finding a den in the reeds and playing pine cone war in the giant hollow tree. Fabulous.

Then after a quick trip home, we headed out to Wimbledon Common for some more photographs of the children.

I love Wimbledon Common as there are so many different types of locations – from the open space of the golf course (keep your head down and keep moving, best done while flying on broomsticks) to the trees which are perfect for climbing on, hiding behind and den building. It’s a wonderful location for family and children portrait photography.

We had an amazing time and I am thrilled with the pictures, I hope you enjoy this selection of images.

Wresting in the heather…

and the triumphant sister!

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