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Children’s portrait photography in Wimbledon, South London


Today I’m delighted to share some more images from Alex’s wonderful family photography session in Wimbledon, South London. I posted a favourite image from this shoot a few weeks ago, and I’m so pleased to be sharing more images with you today – we had such a brilliant morning.

It was raining when I arrived at Alex’s home, so we began our shoot indoors with some family shots before realising that it was going to be one of those mornings where the rain stopped and started almost quicker than we could get our shoes on. We made a break for the garden as the children were keen to show me their swings, and the rain held off for a while as we played on the swings, the trampoline and ran around in the brief moments of sunshine. The girls were so lovely to photograph – they have such expressive faces, so full of giggles and laughter. Their garden was brilliant, too – I’m sure that they will spend hours and hours out there as they grow up, and so I’m really pleased to have taken some of their pictures there with the things they enjoy on a day-to-day basis. I still remember my own climbing frame with fondness, and mine wasn’t nearly as cool.

When the rain returned, we headed indoors to explore the house. It was wonderful to be taking pictures in such a beautiful location, and the light was just stunning. The girls showed me their rooms and all their favourite things; I loved Elsie’s little mirror, and taking a picture of her looking at me took me right back to my days as a wedding photographer photographing the brides as they got ready in the morning.

We captured some pictures in Alex’s room, with the girls sitting on the windowsill in such beautiful light. I love the symmetry of the image and their expressions, so fun and yet so quizzical as they chatted together.

And then we played hide and seek. It really was a fun-packed morning, which is often the way when the wether isn’t so great – we end up packing in so many games and activities while taking photographs.

After hide and seek, the rain seemed to have finally stopped for the day so we headed out to Wimbledon Common, which is a favourite location for the family at the weekend. The girls had great fun running around, climbing trees and – this seemed to be a real family favourite – running up and down the big hill.

I love photo shoots like this and am so pleased with the photographs that we captured that day. I do hope you will enjoy this selection of children’s and family portraits from Alex’s photography session in Wimbledon, South London SW19.

If you would like to arrange a shoot for your own family in London or further afield, do contact us – we would be delighted to hear from you.

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