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Children’s portrait photography in Tunbridge Wells, Kent


Today’s selection of children’s portrait photographs were taken on location in the beautiful town of Tunbridge Wells in Kent when I visited Tanya and her lovely family. I first met Tanya a couple of years ago when I photographed the children’s christening in Chelsea – that had a been a wonderful day, and so I was thrilled to be visiting their new home in Tunbridge Wells to update their family pictures.

We spent a wonderful morning together playing in the house and in the fabulous garden. I can really see what drew Tanya and Hugh to their new home; the garden was incredible, and the children clearly loved the freedom of being able to run about outside. I love living in London, but big gardens are sadly very rare.

We had a great time with the children showing me their tree house and playing lots of games – running about, catching each other (and me), and the general mayhem you have with three small children. After a break for a biscuit, we went through the back of the garden to the recreation ground beyond – which was another fantastic space for the children to play in, and I was thrilled when Hugh produced kites for the children to enjoy. They had a brilliant time running about and flying the kites (some more successfully than others, it must be admitted). As a children’s photographer, it is particularly good fun when my little subjects are completely unaware of me – wrapped up in their own games and adventures, and I am able to create images that capture their real emotions – their excitement and laughter in lovely natural images that are also interesting and exciting compositions. It’s a real privilege and a pleasure.

Our final activity was a quick pre-lunch swim (or splash, as it was really rather cold for the pool). The twins had a lovely time kicking the water from the side of the pool, while older brother James was keen to jump in and show me the biggest of splashes. It was great fun and I’m thrilled with the pictures.

I hope you enjoy this selection beautiful black and white children’s portrait photographs taken on location in Kent. I always love visiting Tunbridge Wells, so do contact us if you would like to book a photo shoot for your own family in this beautiful town, or in London or further afield.

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