Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Children’s and family portrait photography in Wimbledon, London


This Spring-time children’s photo shoot took place on Wimbledon Common, one of my all-time favourite locations for portrait photography.

Caroline, Lottie and I spent a wonderful morning at the Common exploring some of the different areas to see what we could find. Mostly we concentrated on log-walking and den-sitting, before an extended game of Humpty Dumpty complete with new verses I had never heard before – ‘all the King’s horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again… Because. He was. An Egg.’ All very deadpan and absolutely hilarious! Apparently Lottie had picked it up from a CD and I loved these new additions to the classic nursery rhyme.

As well as having its famous Womble inhabitants, Wimbledon Common is a fantastic location in London for children’s portrait photography as it is so large and so varied. Also, because it is used so much by lots of families, each time I visit I know that things will be completely different – dens will have been built and dismantled, and tree trunks seem to appear and disappear, which makes Wimbledon ideal for lovely, and unique, children’s portrait photographs.

I hope you will enjoy looking at these family photos from our day on Wimbledon Common in London.

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