Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Children’s and family photography in St Albans, Herts


It was a beautiful sunny day in St Albans in Hertfordshire for today’s family photography session.

As a teenager, I spent a lot of time juggling. While I’m still fairly handy with three juggling balls, I’d be more wary of fire clubs and yet it’s the diablo which has always remained a bit of a favourite. When I arrived at Pete’s house and saw Freddie and Sam trying to throw and catch their diablo, I knew I had a trick-up my sleeve that would gain me friends for life. I know how to catch a diablo and, by the end of our family photography session, so did Freddie and Sam (the trick is to throw it high and aim the point of the right-hand stick at the centre of the diablo). I love passing on this kind of knowledge, and being able to do so is one of the real perks of being a children and family photographer!

We spent a great morning together capturing family and children’s photographs – the boys were fantastic fun and even though our attempts to set custard powder on fire didn’t work at all (who knew it is apparently incendiary!), we enjoyed ourselves immensely. The boys were adept at climbing trees, showed me their cricketing skills and proved to be fine acrobats with their flips and jumps on the trampoline. We had a wonderful time in the garden.

Then, after a restorative snack, we went out to explore. First we visited the recreation ground behind the house for a quick play on the swings and the playground, and then we visited a local park where we fed the ducks and geese, and had a brilliant time jumping over tree trunks, paddling in the stream and generally doing all those fun things that kids do when they are out and about.

It was a brilliant morning and I’m so thrilled with the pictures, a lovely selection of natural, relaxed portraits that really capture the fun of the boys’ personalities – I hope you like them as much as I do.

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