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Children’s photography in Victoria Park, London


The wonderful Victoria Park in East London was the location for today’s family photography session, and with slightly older children than usual. I photograph children of all ages – from newborn babies upwards – and I’m always so pleased to photograph older children and teenagers as they are such interesting subjects for the camera, and so fun to chat to. I don’t think I was nearly as articulate, confident and charming as Harriet and Joseph when I was their age.

One of the things I find fascinating about siblings are the little differences and the individual personalities that really come across when taking pictures. I often find, for example, that one child will have a more dare-devil attitude than the other – it’s often the younger of two children being the one to climb highest in a tree, or jump higher off a log. Being the youngest of four children myself, I was always the one that tried to do the cool stuff and hurt myself, and my parents must have had the patience of saints as I fell out of yet another tree. I also love seeing how siblings interact and how they can make each other laugh, whatever the circumstances – that bond of love and laughter is a wonderful thing.

We had a great time exploring the park and I can’t wait to visit again as I’d not visited Victoria Park before. It was a fabulous spot for a photo shoot and it reminded me of Battersea Park with all the different things to do, with a beautiful pagoda, logs to climb on, a pond complete with sculptures, lovely avenues of trees, two – yes, TWO! – adventure playgrounds and a plethora of beautifully landscaped areas of grassland. It’s everything that a London-based family photographer could dream of for a shoot location.

We explored everywhere in the park, capturing pictures at the pagoda, whilst playing in the playground, and climbing on the rocks (which reminded me of various enclosures at London Zoo, I must look into when that area of the park was created). It was such a fun morning and Joseph, Harriet and Dan were great company – really great to photograph and fun to chat to, too.

I do hope you enjoy these pictures from our morning in Victoria Park in London, and please contact us if you would like to arrange a photo shoot for your own family – we would be delighted to hear from you.

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