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Children’s portrait photography in Fulham, South West London


Julia is an absolute delight and we had such an amazing time for our children and family portrait photography session in Bishops Park in Fulham, South West London. I seem to be getting to know Fulham very well this year, as I have visited a number of families in this area – it’s funny how I go from area to area, getting to know different bits of London so well through my photography. Fulham is a beautiful spot with so much variety, and so many different locations for family photography – it’s a real favourite of mine.

We started our morning in Bishops Park as it had been a favourite haunt of Rudi when he was a child, as the family had lived nearby in Parson’s Green. It’s such a great location for children and they have clearly put so much thought and effort into making it such a pleasant place for families – they even do great coffee, which is always a hit with parents and photographers alike.

Julia was fascinated by the wooden sculptures on the tree, particularly the cat which which enjoyed petting. Apparently it was much happier to be stroked than her real cat at home, which never stayed still for kisses and cuddles. I love how pleased Julia is in the pictures where she is stroking the wooden cat – I can never tell at what age children realise what is real and what isn’t, but real or not, the cat was a hit.

Then we explored the park with Julia’s buggy. Apparently taking her baby doll for a walk is the big thing at the moment, and I love it when we incorporate favourite toys into a shoot. This will bring back so many memories for the family when Julia is a bit older, particularly as she learnt to walk pushing this buggy along. It’s a real part of her childhood.

I took captured lots of family photographs, as I always like to do – it’s great to have pictures of the children on their own – capture those smiling faces, their games and all the laughter and fun of being so little – but it’s also lovely to take family pictures, as these will be so precious to Julia when she is older. It’s the shots of me with my parents and my brothers that I love most from my childhood, as they say so much about the relationships between those that I love so much.

It’s a really wonderful thing to have and I had such fun taking these family shots for Rudi, Beth and Julia with them playing together, looking at flowers, being thrown in the air, and even upside down! I think the shot of Rudi looking down, so happy and so proud at his beautiful wife and daughter who are kissing each other is a favourite – it’s so full of emotion!

It was a wonderful shoot and I’m so pleased with the pictures. I hope you will enjoy them too, this selection of children and family portrait photographs taken on location in Fulham, South West London.

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