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Children’s photographer in Chiswick, West London


I love Chiswick in West London – it’s an area of London I have only recently got to know when I have visited for children and family photography sessions, and each time I go there I like it more and more. There is something so very relaxed about Chiswick and I’ve always had a really wonderful time on my photo shoots.

It was pouring with rain when I arrived at Alison’s Chiswick home for our children’s photography session, but when I was greeted by the most enormous smile from Finn, I knew it was going to be a wonderful day regardless of the weather. Finn was an absolute joy and at that lovely age for toddlers when they are so inquisitive, friendly and so much fun to be around. Everything is a game and a brilliant game at that – from hiding behind the curtains, to switching on the light. I wish the world retained so much fun for adult life.

We had a great time and I loved taking pictures as Finn played and read with Alison and even wanted to read with me – the shot of Finn looking up with the book is one of my favourites images of the year. You can just see in the eyes the look saying ‘read with me, it’ll be fun’, and of course I was happy to oblige, reading to children being one of life’s great pleasures.

Then, after Finn’s short nap, we decided to brave the weather – the rain had stopped and although it was rather drab and dreary outdoors, it was nothing that would put off a small boy when there was an option of a swing to play on. We had free run of the park, climbing on the big climbing frame and swinging on the giant swing, not to mention the wonderful reflective slide (I am such a sucker for a reflective surface, great for photographs).

When it began to get a little cold, we headed home for the third part of our session – a little play on Alison’s bed. It’s great with children to really mix it up in a photography session – from 8am in the morning until 12noon, we had managed to fit in what were almost three mini-sessions and a nice nap for Finn. We captured with a really wonderful set of pictures that I am so thrilled with, and I do hope you enjoy them too – a set of favourites from our children’s photography session in Chiswick, West London W4.

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