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For the photo shoot featured in today’s blog post, I visited Gerrards Cross in Berkshire and also the fabulous National Trust property of Clivedon with Jenny and her family.

I had been recommended to Jenny by one of our other lovely clients, and so I was really looking forward to the shoot – it’s lovely for me when people are friends of clients, and as soon as I saw Jenny smiling out from the car at Gerrards Cross station, I knew we were going to have a great time.

While everyone was finishing getting ready, I started taking pictures at the house – watching Megan push Issy round the room in what looked like a wine crate on wheels (the best form of transport I’ve seen in a long time) had me reduced to fits of laughter, and the girls were clearly having a splendid time. A tunnel appeared and, as always, produced much merriment as the girls climbed through and I got stuck trying to take pictures – those tunnels really aren’t designed for thirty-four year olds! Great fun was had by all.

Once hair had been brushed and coats found, we piled into two cars and headed out to Clivedon. I had not been there before but I had heard good things and National Trust properties are always such wonderful places for children and family photography sessions – there is so much space, so many things to do and easy access to such useful things as a hot cup of tea and a slice of cake if refuelling is necessary at any point.

On arrival we headed to the playground to take advantage of it being quiet before the crowds arrived. It’s a really lovely playground with lots of really interesting climbing toys and some lovely balancing apparatus, as well as a wonderful tunnel that worked so well for a shot of the three girls together. From a children’s photographer point of view, I do love this move towards wooden playgrounds rather than the old brightly coloured metal ones – they look so much nicer in pictures.

After the playground, we headed to the slide – it has to be seen to be believed and must have been thought up by some kind of genius – a giant bumpy slide on the side of a beautiful old building. Wonderful!

We also found some beautiful architecture for taking pictures, in particular an incredible columned area with absolutely spectacular light. The shot of Megan on her scooter is one of my absolute favourites from the whole year – it is wonderful when all the elements come together and you can pre-visualise a shot, then waiting for the exact moment when everything comes together. That’s what photography is all about!

It was an amazing day and I’m absolutely thrilled with the pictures. I do hope you enjoy looking at them from our wonderful day out in Gerrards Cross and Clivedon in Berkshire capturing children and family portrait photographs.

And a real favourite from the year:

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