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Family Photography in Crouch End and Queens Wood


This session is a bit seasonal but it’s still winter so I feel I can get away with posting a Christmas photo shoot, I certainly don’t want to miss out on sharing this lovely set of images from our child portrait session in Queens Wood and Crouch End.

As it’s a little chilly at this time of year I tend to find that we do half the session indoors and half outside and it’s a format that works incredibly well. Even in the summer I really like to take some pictures inside. Photographing children indoors means we really see them in their own environment and these pictures have such resonance as they grow up, the chairs children sit on to read, the games they play. I think one of my absolute favourite pictures from this session is Will sitting on the kitchen floor eating biscuits he has somehow managed to dislodge from the counter while our backs were briefly turned. It’s a hilarious image, his mischievous little look saying ‘who me, what, this biscuit? Oh no mummy, there’s nothing to see here’ it makes me laugh out loud and for Will I think it will be the sort of picture that he will look back on and remember that kitchen, remember sitting on that floor as his mummy cooks. I certainly remember sitting in my kitchen as a child while my mother prepared meals and the hustle and bustle went on around me. These images anchor us in our childhood and in our childhood homes, I feel they are special.

We can also look at these pictures and see how much has changed, last year I did a shoot at a similar time of year and you can see those pictures here It’s so lovely to take regular photographs and look back and see how children have grown.

Of course we also had a brilliant time outdoors and Queens Wood in Crouch End was a perfect spot for some pictures. Will had a brilliant time, as he was only just on his feet the hill was a challenge but his commando crawl backwards down the slope with me following on my tummy will have me laughing at the memory for years. If only Kate had been able to video it I would have shared it here. We had such a great time, a perfect morning.

Relaxed and natural pictures are what my family photography is all about, images that show everyone having fun together and the love family members have for each other, these are pictures that will spark conversations as the children grow and will bring laughter and happiness for many years to come.

I hope you like these images and if you would like to arrange your own family photography session in North London or elsewhere then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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