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Family Photography at the Ritz and Green Park


It’s always lovely to get a call from the Ritz and when the concierge telephoned to enquire about booking a session for one of their VIP guests I was thrilled to explain about my unique approach to family photography which results in such beautiful photographs. I was so pleased that Hajer loved what she heard and was keen to book in a session when she was visiting London with her two children.

We met one weekday morning and started the session in her beautiful suite of rooms. The Ritz is such a fabulous hotel, the attention to detail is wonderful and the rooms are beautiful. We had a wonderful time photographing both the girls together on the main bed. Hajer was keen to get some pictures of her daughters together and some lovely portraits of eight week old baby Malak before she grew any bigger.

Malak was such a cutie, with the most fabulous smile and happy to be snuggled by her big sister as I took her photograph. She wasn’t old enough to hold her head up independently but we got so many lovely shots of her chilling out on her back and being propped up by pillows while she was entertained by her older sister.

As her nap time approached Hajer and I decided to take Leah outside on her own for some running around pictures in beautiful Green Park, just round the corner from the Ritz hotel and a lovely spot for family portraits.

The light was stunning and the fields of spring daffodils created such a picturesque setting for images of this beautiful little girl, running around and having a wonderful time with her mum. I loved seeing how much fun they were having together and the shot of the two together, chilling out on the deckchairs, is one of my favourites of the year so far, the light, the expressions and that beautiful connection between the hands elevates it to something really special.

We had a brilliant time and I’m so thrilled with the photographic portrait pictures of this beautiful family at the Ritz hotel and in nearby Green Park. If you would like to arrange a photo shoot while you are on holiday visiting London then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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