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Hampstead Heath and Belsize Park children’s and family portrait photography


Hampsted Heath and Belsize Park were the locations for this morning’s wonderfully fun family and children’s portrait photography session. We made gingerbread men – can a day get more fun than that? But I get ahead of myself…

I arrived at Justin’s beautiful home in Hampstead just as everyone was finishing breakfast. I enjoyed a cup of coffee while watching the children demolish bowl after bowl of Cheerios in a manner that warmed my heart (nothing makes me happier than seeing children eat lots of food before a photo shoot, always good to be full of energy for running around). It was all very relaxed as we occasionally turned to the window and mused ‘I wonder if it will stop raining anytime soon?’. It was bucketing down, cats, dogs, rabbits… the works.

Still, we live in the UK and so a bit of rain can’t put us off. After breakfast we donned umbrellas, wellies and waterproofs and set off for Hampstead Heath. It was staggeringly beautiful. Yes, it was as wet as wet can be, but the mist and the soft light was a delight – truly an amazing setting for pictures.

We did some exploring on the heath and captured some lovely pictures before finally giving into the fact that yes, we were all getting completely drenched and it was probably time for some hot chocolate.

Once back home, we soon decided to get cracking with some baking, one of the family’s favorite activities and one that I absolutely love for photography – the messier the activity, the happier I am.

It was great fun and we made some delicious gingerbread men, a real perk of the job.

Here are some of the pictures – there are so many favorites to choose from this children’s, baby and family portrait photography session in Belsize Park and Hampstead Heath in London.

I do hope you enjoy this selection and if you would like me to visit and capture some pictures of your own family, please contact us – it would be great to hear from you.

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