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Children’s portrait photographer in Kensington Gardens and London’s Royal Parks


I was lucky enough to meet Shareefah back in 2009 when we arranged a photo shoot in Holland Park while she was visiting London for the summer. It was great fun, we had a lovely time and captured lots of beautiful photographs of her daughter Jude. Our photo shoot then became an annual event – early each summer I email Shareefah and we put a date in the diary for our summer shoot in Kensington, West London. It’s a shoot I always really look forward to as Shareefah and her children are such a pleasure to photograph.

This year we decided to visit Kensington Gardens as it is a great location for our children’s portrait photography session, and we met bright and early while the park was still empty except for runners, dog walkers and us. I love the London parks first thing in the morning, when everywhere is empty and the day holds so much promise. It’s often the best time for light too, which is a bonus.

We had an amazing time on our photoshoot – we explored the huge park which has so much variety, playing hide and seek behind trees, kicking a football, looking for baby Prince George (who wasn’t looking out of the windows at Kensington Palace, or at least not as far as we could see), and playing games. It’s always such fun spending time with children and entering into their games is one of the real perks of my job.

We enjoyed ourselves around the trees and then headed towards the playground for opening time at 10am. I know from experience that the playground gets very busy very quickly – even on a weekday – and so we wanted to be there right at the beginning to get our best pick of the good swings before all the other children arrived. It was great – Jude and Saqer loved the giant swing, faces full of joy as they cried to go higher and higher. We also visited the music area, which is a real favourite of mine and the children tried going down the slide together for the first time – a resounding success and something I imagine will become a daily event for the rest of their time in London. It was great.

We also visited on the carousel, as you may have seen from my recent Just One preview post. It was a wonderful treat and resulted in such fun photographs, the children having a marvellous time and me, as a London-based children’s photographer, experimenting with different techniques to achieve really intersesting and unique children’s photographs.

It was a brilliant morning and I hope you enjoy this selection of pictures from our children’ photography session in Kensington Gardens, one of London’s most beautiful Royal Parks.

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