Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Richmond Park children’s and family photographer


The sun was shining and the world looked bright and new when I arrived in Richmond for Caroline and Lottie’s springtime children’s and family portrait photo shoot. As a London-based children and family portrait photographer, I travel all over the capital but Richmond Park holds a special place in my affections. I have been photographing here over the past ten years and I honestly don’t think I have been to the same area twice – it’s just so diverse. Everywhere you look are fabulous backdrops for family portrait photographs and great activities for the children to do so that they enjoy themselves and have a wonderful time while I take pictures.

It’s always a pleasure to see Lottie and this was our third children and family portrait photography session. Lottie is an absolute joy to photograph and one of the happiest children I’ve ever met, always smiling.

As always I arrived nice and early and was greated with a smile and a cup of coffee (always so important first thing in the morning I find). Lottie played while Caroline and I caught up and worked out a plan for the day, being sure to pack the essentials for the park – drinks, snacks and wipes, always wipes!

And then we headed out to the park, taking advantage of a wonderful morning light before too many other people were around. There is something so magical about an early morning in a London park with the dog walkers, runners and – in Richmond Park especially – the many, many cyclists. Everyone has a smile for the other intrepid souls who have got up and out before 9am on a Saturday.

As soon as we arrived at Richmond Park, Lottie was off climbing on a pile of logs and I was straight after her, snapping away, looking for the best angles and the interesting light. Bright sunny days can create tricky lighting conditions and I’m always looking for light that will flatter and add to the picture.

We climbed on trees, climbed in trees, over trees and hid behind them (the hide and seek picture which was the Just One preview image from this shoot is a definite favorite of mine). We had an amazing time and I’m so pleased with the pictures from our children and family portrait photography shoot taken on location in Richmond Park, London.

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