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Siblings in the Park


A Wonderful Look of Love and Tenderness

I’ve always been drawn to sibling relationships.  I’m sure it’s because I’m so fond of my big brothers that I find photographing the interactions between family members so fascinating.  I love it all, the moments of tenderness and also the moments of frustration that are part and parcel of growing up together.  I can relate so much to being the younger sibling, always looking at my brothers, wanting to do what they are doing, wanting the toy they are holding, just wanting to be that bit bigger and older and more grown up.  I’m not sure what the age is when you stop wanting to be bigger and older and more grown up (certainly I’m over it by 40!) but for the little ones it’s all such a big part of progress.

When I’m working, I’m looking out for these relationships and these interactions and particularly the moments that shine through full of love.  This is why I was so drawn to today’s Just One, and also why I added in the second shot too, I thought it was so very sweet.

The first picture is a real favourite from the summer as, to me, it sums up so much about growing up with siblings.

The children were playing on rocking horses, or maybe rocking motorbikes, in the playground at the park and I saw the possibility for this picture.  The two toys were placed a little way apart and facing in different directions but as soon as the children got on, they were looking at each other. Their body language is perfectly mirrored as their eyes meet, watching to see what the other is doing, playing together even though they are a little way apart.

The expression on Svante’s face is wonderful, inquisitive and loving as he looks at his little sister and while we can’t see her face, we can imagine a similar expression as she looks back, her head turned towards her big brother.

The light was amazing that morning, very bright but giving us this wonderful rim effect when I shot towards the sun and a lovely soft light on Svante’s face at this early time in the morning.

While I don’t normally include a second picture in my sneak peek I did here as I thought they fit together so well. Taken moments before the other shot but again, so filled with tenderness.  It’s the hands that make it for me, Svante’s hand on his sister’s back, so protective and their hands together holding the handle, look closely and you can see how Svante holds his sister’s thumb so tenderly. I have no idea what he is whispering to her, but we can see the delight on her face.

Siblings are wonderful and I’m so thrilled to have been able to spend a wonderful morning with these two. It’s a fabulous set of pictures and I can’t wait to show the rest to this lovely family.

I hope you like what you see here today.  If you are thinking of booking a shoot for the autumn then do get in touch soon, there are very few weekend dates available and midweek is getting busy too. It’s first come first served and so I’d love to get your date in the diary.

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