Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Children’s and family photographer in Dulwich, South London SE21 and SE22

Family photography should be about remembering the time you spend together

As a children’s and family photographer who grew up in in South East London I know the area around Dulwich very well.  From walks to school, and days at the park during my own childhood along with many long runs of marathon training and, of course, taking family photographs, these are areas I know like the back of my hand.  I’m biased but I think South East London is the best area in London to grow up and so I’m always thrilled to head back as a family photographer in Dulwich

I believe that family photography should be about you as a family – what you love to do and where you love to do it.  I love to chat to the children and find out their favourite games and their favourite places and then incorporate those things into our photo shoots.  This way the photos are about you rather than about the photo shoot.  My aim is for the children not to remember a photo shoot, but to remember days spent in the park as a family.

I love the idea that one of my pictures will spark a train of memories, long hot summers, cold winter days sipping hot chocolate after a trip to the swings, time spent at home jumping on the bed or building castles out of boxes.

Me and my style of family photography

With over nineteen years’ experience as a family photographer in Dulwich you can be completely confident that I will produce beautiful photographs indoors and outdoors whatever the weather.  In fact, I’m the only family photographer in Europe to have been recognised as a leader in my field and appointed as a Canon Ambassador.

I work in a very natural style – I take group shots of course, it’s lovely to have pictures with everyone in – but the majority of my work is observational.  I love to see what a family will do, how parents interact with their children, how the children interact together and over the years watch how these relationships develop.

By letting your children play and ensuring that everyone has a great time we are rewarded with beautiful natural expressions.  We see moments that you couldn’t plan or predict but that are beautiful and memorable and will stand the test of time.

How to plan your family photography session

If you are in the early stages of planning your family photography session, then spend some time thinking about your family and what you enjoy – do the children love being outside or do they prefer quiet indoor activities? Do they run around for hours or do they still need a mid-morning nap? Have a think about your perfect day as this is the perfect starting point for your photos.

Then think about your preferred style, do you love natural black and white images that stand the test of time or are you looking for something more fashion focused? There’s no right or wrong but there will always be the perfect photographer for you.  Working together with your photographer you can ensure the perfect set of pictures, beautifully taken, professionally printed and ready to hang on the wall where you can enjoy them day in, day out, for years to come.


I am in no doubt that Helen is amongst the best family and children photographer in the U.K. and globally. She is technically brilliant and has the ability of capturing the bonding and warmth of a family in both indoor and outdoor settings


Take a look around the website

If you like the pictures of my work as a Dulwich family photographer then do delve deeper into the website.  There are lots of images in my portfolio galleries as well as ideas and inspiration for final products (and, of course, a complete price list so you can budget accordingly and have no surprises further down the road).

Once you have taken a look around or if you just love what you see here then get in touch, tell me about your family and what your children love to do and then we can plan a photoshoot in Dulwich tailored to you, one that will be fantastic fun on the day and will result in photographs that you will love.  I look forward to meeting you and working together soon.


This family photo in black and white is of two parents and their two children.