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Family Photographs and Family Photographer in Kew, Richmond TW9

What makes a great family photo?

I believe family photos should be personal to you, taken in the places you love to go as a family such as Kew in Richmond, one of the most beautiful places in London.  Great family photos are pictures that show you having fun, playing with the kids and enjoying yourselves. These will be the images that you will love to look back on in years to come – real moments, natural smiles and the laughter that comes from a family spending time together.

Think about what your children love to do, and we can base our family photos around those activities. I love photographing everything from outdoor activities to quiet indoor games, or, most often, a combination of different things whatever you love to do as a family.

Taking the time to get it right

I’m a great believer in spending time on your pictures. I assign a whole morning to each client but only do one session a day. This way we have time to do different things and even, if you would like, visit some different locations.  Perhaps we head to Kew for some family photos and then back home to take pictures of the children in their bedrooms or the whole family snuggled up together reading on the sofa to add lovely variety to your pictures.

Each element of the family photo shoot builds on the one before, the children have a brilliant time and as we get to know each other.  Having this time to play is particularly important if your child is shy or if you are nervous of the camera as many people are.  By removing the pressure to pose then the session can build its own dynamic resulting in wonderful pictures that you will love.

After the session

After your session I will process your photographs and get them ready for viewing.  One of my colleagues will then visit you at a convenient time to show you your pictures, weekends and evenings are popular, and you can relax knowing you haven’t had to book a baby-sitter.

Looking at your images in your home is fantastic as, armed with software to make decision making easy and a tape measures to help you work out spaces we can make sure you get your pictures onto the wall rather than find them languishing on the computer two years down the line as life has taken over which can happen to us all.

Albums are one of my most popular items and we will show you samples of those as well as ideas for your own design.  I love albums as they really tell the story of your day, collecting your pictures together in a curated storybook format they are absolutely beautiful and will surely be treasured by your children when they grow up.

Framed prints are also very popular as are some of the more modern display options such as acrylic and aluminium prints. You can find out more about these options as well as a full price list on the website.

My aim is a complete service from start to finish ensuring you end up with beautiful pictures printed and ready to be enjoyed.

If this sounds good to you then please do get in touch via the contact form or give me a call.  I’d love to hear from you and look forward to meeting your family.