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Family Photography in Knightsbridge

What do you want to remember? This question is at the heart of my photographic practice.

I take pictures that reflect your lives and show your environment, your home or your favorite parks where the children like to play. This way your images will trigger lots of happy memories when you look back on them in years to come. With over thirteen years experience I offer the very best in baby, children’s and family photography in Knightsbridge and across London.

How do my Knightsbridge family photography sessions work?

I find that children are best photographed in the mornings when they are full of energy and so I arrive nice and early giving us lots of time to play. We can take family portrait photographs at your Knightsbridge home or we can go out to one of the beautiful parks in the area – Holland Park, Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park or even Green Park and St James’ Park all make wonderful locations for family photographs. Equally the beautiful private garden squares such as Cadogan Gardens, Govesnor square and Thurloe Square are perfect spots if you are lucky enough to have a key.

We can do all the things that you enjoy doing as a family – the games you like to play together and the activities that everyone loves. Whatever your children enjoy whether it’s running around in the park or baking biscuits at home, whether it’s playing the piano and painting pictures or playing on the swings and climbing trees, it’s lovely to incorporate all these activities into your photographs. This way when you look back on your pictures you will remember all the fun you had together as a family.

Our session with Helen was a five-star experience from start to finish. Our children were two and three at the time and we were a bit worried about concentration span, timing of the shoot, nappy changes, tantrums, etc. We needn’t have worried at all! From the moment Helen arrived, our children were wonderfully at ease, played hide and seek with her, told her stories and introduced their toys. We drove to a nearby park and just ran around, played, had coffees, basically all the things we would usually do on a Saturday morning. When the photos arrived, I was incredibly happy to have such a wonderful record of the day and the children’s characters.


My style of Family Photography

I work exclusively in black and white to provide you with timeless images. My distinctive style marked by a flair for creative composition and use of light, means that you can expect photographs of an exceptional standard. I have won numerous awards for my work and my photographs have been widely published both nationally and internationally. To get a really good feel for my pictures do look through all the galleries and spend some time on the blog – there are over a thousand posts so you can get an excellent feel for the quality and consistency of my family portrait photography work.

How much does it cost?

I charge a session fee, which is £450 during the week or £550 on weekends and bank holidays. This covers my time on the day and the time spent preparing your images for your viewing session. At your viewing session, you can choose what you would like to order and I offer a wide variety of beautiful options. My unframed prints are £75 up to 12″ x 8″ in size and we have a minimum order of ten. Framed prints are from £315, my stunning albums start at £1250 and a disk of digital files is included in all orders over £1,995. You can find a full price list here.

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