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London children's photography to cherish. Timeless images to remember the moments that matter.

Stunning children's photography that tells your family story

Natural, relaxed pictures of your children that capture their unique personalities and provide a lasting reminder of their childhood.

I look for and photograph the big moments: a child’s leap into their parent’s arms to be thrown up in the air, the pleasure at a goal scored, a kiss given and received.

And I also seek out the little moments: the questioning glance from child to parent as they explain the latest imaginative game, the concentration as they teach their doll to read, the tired snuggles before naptime and the hand that strokes their hair.

Together, we can create a beautiful photographic record of childhood.

I photograph on location rather than in a studio. By meeting you at your home or a place you enjoy going to as a family, we can do all the things your children love to do – and all the things you love to do with your children.

Reading in a favourite chair, playing a well-loved family game, bouncing on the bed, baking gingerbread: we can record all the small moments that form part of sharing a home together.

Outdoors, we can visit a park, woodland or beach to get some completely different shots within inspiring environments. The energy created from being outside shines through on these images.

Bubbles are a wonderful part of a family portrait shoot - fun for everyone.

Picture your best day together

Whatever you love to do as a family can be used as a basis for your photoshoot. Shared passions ensure that everyone, children and adults, will have an amazing time.

We’ll start our portrait session after breakfast and play all morning. With few time constraints, the relaxed atmosphere will let your children’s true personalities radiate through into the pictures. Indoors, outdoors or a combination of the two, we’ll get a wide selection of timeless shots for you to choose from.

Plenty of different moods will appear in front of the lens: from boisterous games and giggling over-excitement to snuggling up calmly and cosily with mum and dad on the sofa with a book.

My aim is to capture all these moments that make up your days, moments that you’ll remember with fondness in years to come.


Helen really gets children. She is 100% genuine and I think kids can really pick up on that. She goes the extra mile, getting dirty in the mud to get the shot and doesn't complain when there's yet another interruption. If you want a fabulous child photographer look no further.

– Katherine

Ana and Juan-Pablo's story

Ana and Juan-Pablo's story

I can vividly remember my first shoot with Ana and Juan-Pablo back in 2006.  I’d visited them at their home in Chelsea and we’d spent a happy time photographing them in their bedroom and then at the local park. They were both sitting up but neither could crawl. It was such fun photographing them playing together and wearing the incredible hats that Olga had bought back from her home in Mexico.  Since then we’ve seen each other every year and now, fourteen shoots later, they’re like family.

Over the years, we’ve taken pictures at their home and at parks all over London. We’ve explored new places together and revisited favourite haunts. Each year I record how the children have grown and the ever-developing relationships between the family.

For me, this is what my job is all about. Building strong relationships with my clients over time and taking pictures that will hold so many memories for the family.

Take a look at the pictures to watch Juan-Pablo and Ana as they grow up. If you’d like to do the same for your family, please do get in touch. I’ll be more than happy to help.