Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Planning a London vacation? Record your family travels with professional, personal vacation photography.

London vacation photography that stands the test of time

London vacation photography that stands the test of time

Capture your family’s London adventures on camera and you’ll have stunning black and white pictures to enjoy once you’re back home.

I know this amazing city inside-out: I’ve worked as a family photographer in London since 2003 and have lived here my whole life.

I’ve photographed children of all ages in every kind of location and can work closely with you all in this inspiring, picturesque environment.

The result is a unique record of your exciting trip, brimming with happy memories.

Tell the story of your London adventures

Booking a photographer to record a family vacation to London is a great way to move from behind your own camera or phone and truly enjoy the moment. If you come every year, you can enjoy regular sessions and document your family growing older.

My relaxed approach allows us to work together to create images that will mean the most to you all. We can incorporate some of the city’s famous landmarks in our shots, enjoy a laid-back morning in one of the beautiful parks or combine the two to create a broader portfolio.

If you do want to include iconic sites such as Big Ben, St Paul’s or the London Eye, you won’t just be standing in front of them grinning. Instead, we’ll have fun and play games nearby, making you the heroes of the shots instead.

Three children photographed while holidaying in London.

Finding the best locations for you

I’m happy to advise on which locations will suit your family best, depending on your interests, the time of year and the ages of your children. Every element of my service is carried out with great care and attention to detail.

When your children chat to their children about their amazing trip to London, they’ll have beautiful images to help them tell their story. Images that will still look fantastic in many years to come.

Please explore my site to get a feel for my family photography work and style. I look forward to meeting you in London.


We hardly noticed that Helen was there, and the memories of the day that Helen came to photograph us are of a family day, not a family photography shoot.

- Anna