Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Record the evolving chapters of their lives. Teenage photography that reflects your older children's personality and passions.

Family photography full of laughter and love

Taking relaxed photographs of teenagers doesn’t have to be an impossible challenge. My photoshoots for older children are good fun. They may even forget the camera is there.

The secret is collaboration. We work together to create pictures that you, and they, will love. Images that will be meaningful to your whole family as you all grow older.

We’ll spend the morning either at your home, at a favourite place nearby or venture further afield to a special spot by the sea or in the country. Going on an excursion like this creates a joyous holiday atmosphere that brings out the biggest smiles.

Half the session will be spent out and about enjoying a family walk, taking beautiful portraits in inspiring environments. Walking the dog or kicking a ball means we’re on the move, keeping up the momentum. Portraits and group photos are mixed in with these action shots to ensure you get a wide variety of images. Exploring the outdoors this way leads to plenty of laughter and brilliant shots of everyone – and all without ever feeling self-conscious.

We then focus on your children’s hobbies and interests, the passions that are defining their teenage years. From horse-riding to hill-climbing, tarantulas to trombones and rugby to reading, anything goes.

I love chatting to children about their hopes, dreams and ambitions: it creates an energy and enthusiasm that shines through in the final images.

Arthur and Honor's story

Arthur and Honor's story

Photographing teenagers is brilliant. They know so much these days and I often find myself discussing politics or the latest blockbuster film.

What’s particularly fascinating for me is how they have interests that stay with them and span the years. Arthur and Honor have been keen skiers since they could walk and now they spend half their time on the slopes. I love hearing all about their latest adventures in the snow.

I’ve photographed Arthur and Honor regularly over the last 15 years. It’s truly been a privilege for me and the resulting pictures are a wonderful story of childhood. From family pictures for the annual Christmas card to documentary coverage of the children’s birthday parties, we’ve done it all.

Do take a look at the gallery and see how their pictures fit together year-on-year to tell their unique family story.

I cannot recommend Helen highly enough, and I have never come across anything that comes close to her standards.

– Francesca