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Annual family photo shoots in Notting Hill


Visiting each year to take family photos in Notting Hill

I’m very lucky to have a lot of clients who return to me year on year, so I can document their children growing up.  This session was my seventh with Emma and her lovely family in beautiful Notting Hill in West London.  It feels so strange to think that Rosalind, her eldest, wasn’t even walking when we first met and now she’s so grown up, those early years really do fly by.

Notting Hill is such a lovely part of London, I’m always so enchanted by the beautiful architecture and the feeling of open space that the wide roads in that area of London produces.  I think because there are so many parks and garden squares too, it feels very green.  It’s definitely become one of my favourite areas in London and one of my regular stomping grounds for my family photography business.

We had a brilliant time on our photoshoot as we always do.  The children are so fun, they always want to play games and run around, and I love watching how different skills develop from one shoot to the next, tree climbing for example or remembering to actually be quiet when playing hide and seek.  The difference can be massive from one shoot to the next and it’s why it’s so lovely to have pictures taken regularly, otherwise it can all blur into one and you can forget when things change.

We had perfect weather and beautiful light which always feels like a gift, particularly this year which has been on the miserable side with all the rain.  The day was stunning, and the girls played together so brilliantly, I had to just manoeuvre myself into the best spots for pictures and they almost took themselves we were having so much fun.

Incorporating hobbies into your pictures

We finished the session with some pictures of the girls playing tennis, their new hobby which they are showing a lot of promise at.  It’s so lovely to include hobbies and interests in your photo shoots as these do change over time. Yet some of the things the children start at a young age may end up being the passion that they follow all their lives, and in that case, wouldn’t it be amazing to have the pictures.  I love having pictures of me with a camera when I’m still just a toddler. And if the current hobby doesn’t become the future career it’s lovely to have the pictures anyway to show the breadth and variety of their hobbies and all the fun things they do growing up.

If you have enjoyed looking at these pictures and think that you would like something similar of your own family, then do get in touch.  We can have a chat about your children and what they love to do.  Then, together, we can work out a plan for a perfect photoshoot that will give you a wonderful set of memories to look back on in the future.  I’m available for family photography in Notting Hill and throughout London, I also regularly travel around the UK and into Europe so no matter where you are, if you love my style of photography I’d love to work with you.

If you want to know more then do take a look at the family photography page where you can find lots of different information for photographing children of every age or the information page for details on how things work.