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At Home Family Photography Session in East London


Documenting a Family Day

I am so pleased to be sharing a set of images from a family photo shoot in East London here on the blog today. I was really looking forward to this session as the clients were friends with some other clients of mine and I had heard such great things about the family. Our day more than lived up to my expectations with such fantastic children and a loving, happy, and relaxed family vibe. It was my idea of a perfect morning hanging out together, taking pictures and playing games, recording their everyday lives in beautiful photographs to treasure.

Starting early to maximise photographic opportunities

The alarm went off early, very early, for this family photo shoot in East London. The clocks had changed but, of course, children don’t know that and so we planned to start at 7am to get everyone at their best. Coffees in hand we were set up for a brilliant morning and a brilliant morning it was, full of energy, excitement and all the everyday activities which tell a beautiful story of family life.

Starting early meant we were able to take pictures before the little one’s nap as well as afterwards giving us so many opportunities for wonderful family photographs at home in East London before we finished at lunchtime with tired happy children ready for a sleep. Lots of time leads to a relaxed day which always results in brilliant pictures.

Family photo shoots in the home

It’s always lovely to take pictures in people’s homes, you get such a feel for their lives and how the children play and interact. Our day was rainy and so we spent most of the time indoors and the pictures are so beautiful as a result, capturing the little moments that make up the everyday.

Family photo shoots are always a mix of different activities. If we go out to the park we do different things, and the same is the case when working indoors. We need to keep it interesting for the children and so we will move around the house, taking pictures in different rooms as well as mixing up the activities. We can move from quiet moments with books or drawing to active play running around or letting the kids jump and roll about on their parent’s bed, each activity results in a different type of pictures.

Images with layers and multiple stories

I love how images can be build up with layers and this is particularly the case when working indoors. I had such fun taking pictures where the children were doing different things, the little one playing or chilling out and smiling for the camera while his big sister leap off the furniture. These pictures make me laugh so much and tell such a story of life with two small children, so much going on at any one time and the vibrancy and energy of little people having fun.

Interactions are another thing I always look for, whether it’s a shared smile or a touch of the hand, these images tell so many stories. This shot of the older sister telling her younger brother off about something makes me laugh so much. She looks so serious and yet he’s just laughing up at her with the look of adoration that younger children have for their incredible older siblings and with dad in the background smiling down, it’s such a delightful family moment, I bet the kids will love this shot as they grow up.

Getting out and about whatever the weather

Even in bad weather we’ll often get out and about for a bit on all my family photo shoot. I remember being told that children are a bit like puppies, it’s good to walk them every morning and energy levels can get quite high if we stay indoors all day.

So, in a slight break in the rain, we all put on our rain jackets and headed out for a short walk in a nearby wood. Beautiful light provided the opportunity for some lovely shots before the heavens opened again and we headed home with everyone revitalised for a bit of fresh air.

Book your family photo shoot now

All in all, it was a brilliant day with such a wonderful family and such fun and laughter throughout. If you like the look of the images you see here today, a small sneak preview of our at home family photo shoot in East London, then do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you and arrange a day to visit your family and create some beautiful pictures for you to treasure.