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Autumn Family Photography Session in Chiswick


Chiswick W4 - a great spot for family photos

In twenty years as a family photographer in London I’ve photographed pretty much everywhere in our amazing capital city. I’ve visited parks at every corner of town and enjoyed all the wonderful outdoor spaces that London has to offer.  Chiswick holds a special place in my heart and, if we hadn’t settled in Crouch End, I’m sure it’s somewhere I would have loved to live. It’s got such a laid-back vibe and I always have such a wonderful time with the families I photograph there.

I was thrilled when Alex got in touch to arrange a family photo shoot in Chiswick our second session together after our wonderful autumn photoshoot in 2022.

A bright early start

Starting early, we got everyone together and headed out to the park to enjoy some beautiful morning light and to beat the crowds which was perfect for some lovely family photographs on one of the forest paths by Chiswick House. I love the light here, and the way the background adds interest but doesn’t distract from the family in the foreground.   All the little details are what make the pictures for me: the little one clutching his wellington boots – practical footwear for this very damp autumn but always best worn on the hands, and the football and stick, the classic accompaniment to any woodland walk.

The fairy glade

It wasn’t long before we spotted a wonderful place to play with all the tree stumps in a forest clearing at glorious Chiswick House. The trees above gave us some shade which is really important in these bright autumn days as the light, while stunning, is very directional so needs to be treated with caution. We could backlight our portraits for soft light on the children’s faces.

There was so much to look at, worms, mushrooms and even hiding family members in a wonderful game of hide and seek. I love how curious these children are and how keen their parents are to show them the wonders of the natural world.

Out on the grass by beautiful Chiswick House

From here we headed out onto the main lawn for a run around. Sadly, the playground is a bit worse for wear at the moment so we gave that a miss and instead ran around and played some football enjoying the sunshine and the shadows.  A wonderful climbing tree gave an opportunity for some lovely family pictures and some opportunities to show the children excellent climbing skills.

Home for birthday presents

As lunch approached we headed home for some food and, excitingly, a visit from Grandma bringing a birthday present for the eldest.  What an incredibly cool batman costume and magic mitten ( or should that be ‘power glove’?) it was so much fun to play with and the cake was fantastic, I particularly loved the little icing Robin who accompanied Batman on his explorations around the Gotham city iced onto the birthday cake.

Finishing with a family photo

We finished with a big group photo – including children and animals which is, as everyone knows, the most fun you can have when taking a big group photo.

It was a brilliant day from start to finish and I can’t wait to share the full set of images with the family.

If you have liked what you have seen here today and would like to arrange a family photo shoot for your children in 2024 then do drop me an email and we can plan the perfect family photography session for you family in Chiswick or elsewhere in London or the UK, I’d love to meet you.